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Dog Drives in South Carolina

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Hey Guys,

Like the New Site Still going to miss the old.

Anyway Was Wondering if anyone Knew of Some Dog Drive Hunt Clubs In South Carolina. I used to Hunt with White Circle Hunt Club Down in Bamberg with my Father when i was about 13 or so Been 8 Years Since I been down there was told it was No longer a Active Club. .

Just looking around see if anyone knows of any.

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Hey Dude, just about all the dog hunters around myrtle beach have given up and moved inland or started doing field trials on coyotes/ foxes in large (100 acre) pens. I also enjoyed dog huntin in my youth (3-4 years ago) LOL but I really enjoy still hunting in the mountians (WV) quiet, peaceful and no one around to see ya if the deer jumps the bullet (Hey, archers use this excuse) LOL
Best of all, cell phones do't work back where I go.
I have heard that there was a club near marion sc that doghunts but I have no other info. the co I work for has bought out one of the last ones around here and closed it :eek:
Baitfish, if you could see the shenagans I have seen dog hunting! also there is something about the sound of dogs early in the mornin, tryin to keep up with a deer that will circle, cross other tracks and generally just stay ahead of them till they lose it or a hunter harvests it!
I enjoy still huntin and thats mostly all I do but I have fond memories.
Like blackwaterkats, there are not so many places big enough to dog hunt anymore. Thats a shame.
did I tell you of the hunter, tryin to head the dogs (pushin 3 bucks runnin together) that jumped outta his truck, fired a round in the air, pulled down on the bucks as they came by and pulled, and pulled. he had grabbed his friends pump (his was a semi) he never did jack another round in the chamber till they were gone! (did I mention he pulled the trigger!!!) anyway all three waved their flags to everyone that day!
of course several of us reminded him you have to pump a pump!, a coupla times? :D
Oh, in the same catagory, did I mention the time three of us were in a pickup goin thru a orande grove on emeralda island (susposed to be a indian grove) when we saw a rabbit jump up to hop off. (mentioned on old site) we saw three jumps then over a small bush, then it split and ran off to both sides of the dirt track we were on. I Still speculate It hit a blade of sawgrass!
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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