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Dog Drives in South Carolina

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Hey Guys,

Like the New Site Still going to miss the old.

Anyway Was Wondering if anyone Knew of Some Dog Drive Hunt Clubs In South Carolina. I used to Hunt with White Circle Hunt Club Down in Bamberg with my Father when i was about 13 or so Been 8 Years Since I been down there was told it was No longer a Active Club. .

Just looking around see if anyone knows of any.

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I remember when i was young that the neighbor hunted with dogs in Miss. I have never done it and dont think I would but im with Baitfish on this one if it is legal than gitter done. I know around here that hogs are hunted with dogs and I have always wanted to go on a hog hunt with dogs I think that would be fun. My only thing about hunting deer with dogs is I dont like to shoot at a running deer so it would be hard for me to pull the trigger. I dont think its much different than a deer drive where hunter line up on one side of a thicket and use humans to push the deer out the other side. I think I would have to experiance the dog hunt before I could really make an informed judgement. Hunting to me is just like you guys said its about making memories with friends and family.
I don't think I could condone someone leaving a dog like that it would certainly turn me off to the idea. Like was said in the crossbow poll and I think is correct there are bad hunters without ethics everywhere and it doesn't matter whether they are running dogs or using a crossbow, bow, rifle, or shotgun. Its a shame that people cant see that unethical hunting practices ruin it for everyone. I'm not calling the practice of running dogs unethical don't get me wrong but leaving an animal to starve that is just something that is wrong no matter how you look at it.
whats getting me is those dogs arnt cheap are they. Looks like someone would look and look for there dog to use for the next year. Just think of all the dog food that they feed the dog I just dont understand why someone or how they could do that. I guess I just love dogs to much.
Thats really sad it would be great if there was a way to catch these guys and put some Justus to them.
Yea I guess you are right about people dumping there dogs and cats when they dont want them anymore I guess if you took the numbers of hunters that did that if would be realitivly small compaired to the numbers of the other people that do it. A lady i work with says they get about 2-3 dogs a week that people dump. If they see them dump it they will get the animal and take it back to the house and dump it in there yard.....lOl Ya know there are tracking things they put into dog that the vet can pass a wand over them and it tells who the owern of the dog is. I think it should be a law that hunting dogs must have them to hunt that way if they are just lost then the owner would be found.
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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