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    You are one of the luckiest guys in town. Any recomendations on where to go at Bartlett. Up in the river past the no wake zone or do you recommend the main lake???
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    Micah- Several areas you can try.
    #1 Up past the no wake bouyies is ship rock if you drive straight past ship rock into the shore you can actually beach and fish close to the channel. i have had many a run out of there and that area is the most productive for me.
    #2 right after you pass the no wake bouyies look to your left you will see a good sized cove. I have beached there and caught some nice fish from that area also. The last time I was out there I mapped the area pretty good. About 50 yards or so out from that cove it appears as if there is a hole. Failrly shallow 12-15 feet or so then in drops into a 25-30 foot hole next to were the channel runs. I have never fished that hole and plan to on my next outing. The last time I camped in that cove we ran lines out about 40-50 yards and had some good action during the day.

    #3 Across from the main marina is a string of small islands. I have only fished this area once or twice but others who post here have had very good luck. I am sure that they will post more specific information when they view this.
    I use live gills and fish them slipsinker with #8 circles on a baitrunner. Hope this helps. Good luck to ya.

    BTW------Welcome to the BOC

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    I have had luck up the river and across from the marina.
    Some times at Barlett you can't go wrong.