Does chumming really work?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by joshua2236, Jul 8, 2008.

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    I have read alot of post on chumming and am wondering if it is really worth trying.

  2. Chumming can be successfull . You can chum the spot you wish to fish a few hours before or even better the night before. There are many concauctions that you can go to when chumming, corn , dog food etc.You can also prep your chum by letting it sit out for a few days. There is I believe a section in the Members Library that you can read about the subject.

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    Heck yea it works. If it didn't work, it wouldn't be illegal in California. That's how you gauge the effectiveness of a method of fishing. If it works, California has likely banned it.

    We used to chum plain ole cans of dog and cat food, the wet kind. We'd just throw three or four of them in a chum bag, crack them open, and let them sit in the water while we fish. Change them out every couple of hours.

    Do it with some level of regularity, and you'll find that fish come to feed in your spot more often. A good problem to have.
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    The advantage of chumming is you draw the fish to you, rather that moving all over the lake to try and find them. I chum about four good areas, wait about one hour and go to the first and fish. Then second and etc. Try to chose areas near wood vegetation and etc to chum. You can successfully fish these same spot for the next couple of days. The re chum.
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    is there anybig difference from throwing dog food in your favorite honey hole (i.e. 'chumming) - which youre clearly NOT allowed to do


    adding a few Extra (unhooked) cutbait chunks?

    does the latter work? we it get me dragged away in chains in a fish warden sees me do it??

    It kind'of sucks to learn about all the cool effective things catters do in OTHER states and find out that PA has banned it.
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    There is no doubt that chumming works. But just because you throw out some chum doesn't meen the fish will come flocking to that particular spot. When I chum, I try to locate fish first and use the chum to stimulate the feeding activity. Don't just pick any spot and waste your time, chum or gas getting there. Locate areas that are likely to hold fish first such as points, legdes, humps, brush piles, rock piles, timber and creek channels. Graph these areas and see if they are holding fish and bait. If they are, then you are already one step ahead of the game. As mentioned above, chum about 4 spots, then go back and fish the first one and keep moving after the fish shut off and additional chumming doesn't get them going again. If I'm going to fish straight down below the boat I want to be at least 13 feet deep. Any shallower and you will likely spook the fish out from under the boat. As summer sets along with the thermocline, I don't bait any spots deeper than 20 t0 25 feet deep. In the winter I'll go much deeper.
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    Sour a bucket of chops for a couple weeks and tell me if it works.:big_smile: If it's legal there, you can mall the fiddlers with it. Ya have to catch them fast before they gorge themselves and quit bitin.
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    I have chummed with range cubes and sour grain. It works real well.
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    We have been chumming with fresh caught herring. We cut it up really small so its hard for them to get a full meal. Now, I think it does work also. I guess its hard to prove but we do find more fish when we chum. I just use a plastic bat that I cut the end off. I fill it up some and sling it out there around us.

    I have a question about the cubes. Do you think they work better than chumming with fresh bait ? I wonder the difference between a standing in one spot kinda cum vs. using a spread out slow drifting chum.