Does anyone use this rig??

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    a hook line & sinker rig

    (Now let me explain)

    when i fish for striper using live shad i use a 3/8 ounce bass sinker attached to the swivel and then the 18 inch leader :wink:


    im asking this cause i switch off often(bass to catfish) and i like the idea of its versitility (spelling) of this rig +++ has anyone used and caught fish on this rig :smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:

    I USED THE carolina rig before but cant use the 1 oz and 2/0 baitkeeper for striper fishing.

    by the way
    I missed yall!!!!! :too_sad:

    most of the time after school i would go on this site to get on top of my game but i get my permit next month and been working on my 82 HD sportster :big_smile:
    so that and starting highschool i havent had time for fun or fishing latley :sad2:

    talk to yall later!!!:tounge_out: