Does Anyone Use Braided Line For Leaders ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by tnkatman, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. tnkatman

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    Bluff City, TN
    Does Anyone Use Braided Line For Leaders & Use Mono. For Their Main Line ? If So What Pound Braid Do You Use ? What Kind Of Rig & Hook Do You Use ? I've Not Tried This Yet, Just Want Some Info. From Anyone Who Has Tried It. Thanks.
  2. BAM

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    I use braid for a leader some times, and braid for main line. Starting to experiment with different types of leader material, have not put much time into it yet. As things come together will let you know.
    For leader size I use whats appropriate for the size of fish I am targeting.

  3. TxRiverman

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    Lockhart Tx
    I used to,but after reading a couple of threads on here i went to 50 lb mono. The reason being that a heavy mono would be more abrasion resistant compared to the braid,because the mono is going to be thicker than the braid. I havent had any problams so far. For the record i use 8 - 24'' of 50 lb Big Game as my leader,snelled to a 8/0 Gamu Octopus Circle hook.
  4. jim

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    Probably all you ever would want to know on this subject is available to you in the archives or library.I use braid for both and drift fish some of the toughest conditions without any problem.Check your leaders after every fish and frequently for abrasion.You must go up in pound test with braid to achieve the same diameter as mono,in order to increase abrasion resistance.:smile2: