Does Anyone Own A Penn 330 GTI ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by tnkatman, Jul 10, 2006.

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    I Just Got A Penn 330 GTI, I Basically Got It Because It Will Hold Alot Of Heavy Line And I Heard It Has A Great Drag. I Put It On A Med. Action Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Rod. It's A Heavy Reel, I Assume It's Main Application Is Trolling, Am I Correct ? I've Been Casting It, It's More Challenging To Cast Than The Abu's. I Notice That It Doesn't Have Much Of A Casting Brake. You Have To Use Your Thumb Mostly. Do You Agree ? My Main Question Is This, I Fished The Other Night Using Circle Hooks With This Combo. And When I Fish With Circles, I Fish With My Line Tight And My Reel Engaged With My Clicker On.The Trouble I Had Was That I Couldn't Keep My Line Tight. Their Was Always Some Slack In My Line Compared To The Other Reels I Use. Can Anyone Tell Me Why This Is. I Tightened And Loosened My Drag, I Tightened And Loosened My Casting Brake, I Did Everything I Knew To Try. I Hope Someone Can Tell Me What I Can Do To Eliminate This Problem, Or Is It Just The Reel ? Thanks For Your Time And Input.
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    Well, more than likely it is just the way your bait happened to be sitting on the bottom (I assume you use a bottom rig). The reel doesnt have much to do with it at all. But when you cast out next time, try rotating the spool backwards with your fingers instead of reeling, and do that until the spool catches. That may help.

    I own a Penn 320, which is just one size smaller, and I think its a great reel. A little hard to cast if you dont thumb the spool like you said, but an excellent big cat reel.


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    I also have the Penn 320 GT2 reel. I have it mounted to a Med. action Tiger as well. I was practice casting in the yard yesterday and you're right, it definately is alot bulkier than my Abu 6500 reel and does make it a little more difficult to cast. I have the casting brake just about as tight as it would go for me to cast a good distance (50-60 yards) without backlashing. I believe the heavier Penn reels were meant for mainly saltwater applications for trolling or bottomfishing and not meant to have much castability. Also, I believe these reels don't have instant anti-reverse, so even after you've made your cast and engaged the spool lever, you will get a few inches of freespool before the anti-reverse kicks in. So what I would do if you're using a rodholder is, after you cast and set the rod in the holder, reel in the slack until you get a tight line. If it's still slacking up, you might want to go with a heavier sinker. I hope this helps you and good luck breaking in that new reel!
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    I have two of them on short boat rods for fishing deep water dams mostly under the boat. They are not casting reels. I have them since before I started cat fishing. I have caught sharkes over 600 pounds with them.
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    I think the above is your answer.I have the 345 GTI and it is the same.You can have a couple inches of loose line before the anti reverse catches.As for the casting,it has no brake.Just a Spool tensioning control.You are casting like all of the old timers did with the old fashion reels before all the new fangled casting aids came out.You are the one in control,not the gadgets in the reel.You can learn to cast and control like a professional if you wish to devote the time to learn.It is just not going to do most of the work for you like many of the modern devices now installed in many casting reels.You are the man,or you ain;t when it comes to casting it.The reel has nothing in it to blame.I have little to no feeling in my hands,so it is a trolling or straight up and down bottom fishing deal for me.I often need the bulk of a large reel to hold on to and control. Some of the old hands were a wonder to behold when casting with these type of reels.I believe you can be too if you wish to devote the time and efferent that they did.As fish man said,they are not casting reels by todays standards.They can be cast,and they will handle a LOAD.peewee-williams
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    I have a 330GTi and have only used it this season. I haven't noticed that slack line is really that much of a problem. I get more slack in my line from the boat swaying than from any (mal)function of the reel. I also fish with circle hooks and try to keep the line fairly tight. However, I think that if the fish is going to take your bait, a little slack in the line is actually a good thing. Just a little though. I usually fish with large pieces of bait with the intention to catch large fish. I believe that a large fish will inhale the bait and go about his business. A little slack allows him to get the bait in his mouth before noticing any tension.

    I also fish with my reel engaged and the clicker on. I loosen the drag to where minimal pressure is needed to make the drag slip. I'll cast--usually not more than 30-40 feet--and free-spool til the weight hits the bottom. I'll engage the reel and loosen the drag. Then, set the rod in the holder and reel in some more line. Reel in until the rod starts to dip a little. Then the line is fairly tight. Like I said above, usually the boat moves enough to create some slack but the current will still keep the line fairly tight. If you want the line to stay tight, turn the reel handle a turn or two every now and then.

    The biggest problem I have with the bigger reels is burning my thumb while casting. I'm not sure what the solution is. Last weekend, I put a band aid on my thumb after burning my thumb about 4-5 times...:crazy: I don't want to tighten the spool tensioner because I want the bait to fall down or downstream after it hits the water.

    I guess I took the long way of saying that there is nothing wrong with your reel. Just keep practicing with it and making minor adjustments until you get it the way you like it. If you decide that you just can't deal with it any longer, send it to me...:lol: Good luck Brother!
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    I have the 330GTI and didnt realize how big it was till it arrived. I normally dont use it unless im on a boat. Its on a 4/0 Penn Senator rod and I have it loaded up with 200lb braid. I call it pimp daddy. I have a 16/0 circle hook on it and i load it up with a huge combo platter of baits. Havent caught anything with it, but when i do it will be a bigun. :roll_eyes: Ive never had the problem with slack line. Try using more lead???