Does anyone know what the Pee Dee River

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    looks like between the 34 landing and I 95. Water level that is.... There's one real shallow area going down to 95 and if its low you got a small channel opening on the right side. Wondering if I can put my 22 ft in there. I've taken my 17 ft skiff in there when there were sandbars in the middle of the river. But I'm scared my 22ft might get stuck.

    AND if you have put in at the 34 landing in the last week did you notice the crappie rapids to the left of the landing? if so how bad are they? I can tell how that spot is down stream by looking at the rapids....

    We need some rain BAD!

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    do not try to go across those rapids to the left they r very dangerouse if y ou can see em there way to low there have been a couple of people die trying to go through there and especially if you dont know the way . but tif its to low right in front of that shollow neck about 100 yards the is a hole that goes from 3 to 15 feet roughly i used to set right there and catch fish every time the first time there i loaded my boat with about 300 lbs of fish in one night by myself i had a 20 pound fish on like every 30 minutes . had the whole front of the boat full. it was a good night. but dont go up stream.