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I chatted with him before on this forum. He'll pop up sooner or later and hook us up with the maps again.
Hi all, I'm back, as Cathunter suggested.

Here's the current list of completed lakes:

Mission Lake, Brown County
Leavenworth County SFL
Eureka Lake
Kanopolis Reservoir
John Redmond Reservoir
Wellington Lake
Winfield City Lake

Here's the lakes we're scheduled to do this spring:

Council Grove Reservoir
Council Grove City Lake
Wabaunsee lake
Herington Lake (old)
Herington Lake (new)
Wilson Reservoir
Bone Creek Reservoir (and probably Crawford County SFL)
Marion Reservoir
Parsons City Lake
Probably Wolf Creek Reservoir
Douglas County SFL, as soon as it refills
Cedar Lake (Johnson County)

Plus there's a list of about another 50 that we're scheduled to do over the next few years. You name it, we're probably mapping every lake in Kansas over 100 acres.

Hope to have a download site for both paper copies (printable PDFs) and digital data (suitable for GPS units) this spring.... Until we get that up and running, I'd be happy to send digitally or by mail a map of a lake we've completed. Emails will be answered (astra at, but better yet, post it here at Catfish1 so everyone can benefit.

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I'll do one better I wont keep a single one. I'm not one for eating fish I just enjoy fishing. So it is all CPR for me. I know kinda strange, i like to fish but i dont eat them. The fish kinda like it though. :smile2:
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