Does Anyone Fish the Big South Fork or Tributaries?

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    I haven't fished the KY side, have fished New River on the TN side. Was up there a while back riding around with a cousin who was checking her land in the area and noticed a stream called Rock Creek. Some folks were swimming, didn't see any fishermen, but she said it was full of trout. We didn't have much time and I was unable to check it for wading or bank fishing, does anyone fish that area? I wouldn't mind fishing the Big South Fork, but the first time or two I'd be bank fishing, and welcome any advice.
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    If you are a trout fisherman who likes the small stream experience Rock Creek the stream for you!!!!! I don't fish it much now because of 3 youngens . There are 2 established primitive campgrounds Bell Farm I think is geared to people with horses and great meadows ....Downstream from Bell farm has bigger deeper pools and holds more browns . Ther are some nice bass in there as well . It is one of the heaviest stocked small streams in KY it also has delayed harvest restrictions in place . Artificial only Oct/March catch and release ( I think ). There is some camping spots downstream from Bell Farm Some areas might be posted now . Good Luck .

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    If you fish the South Fork at night from the bank, you will have plenty of visitors. The Copperheads, which are numerous, seem to be attracted to the lights at night. Also fishing Rock Creek, you also have to watch for snakes when walking the bank. McCreary County is amply blessed with Copperheads, as well as more than a few Rattlesnakes.