Does anyone eat freshwater Drum?

Discussion in 'PENNSYLVANIA RIVERS TALK' started by tbartek, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. tbartek

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    New Germany, PA
    Just wondering if anyone has tried eating drum. I seem to be catching enough of them and was just wondering.:confused2:
  2. alands94

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    Lebanon, I
    I eat the smaller ones up to about 5 pounds. I fillet and score them so I don't choke on the tiny bones :) They seem to be a little tougher and not as good as catfish, crappie and bluegill, but they are not bad.

  3. Rajun_Cajun

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    well tim, there are certainly enough for someone to keep, but i here alot of people say that there kind of an oily meat and they have alot of bones. but i think it really depends on the way that you cook them, if you presssure cook them you can most likely get rid of some bones, or you could try marrinating the meat if that would help at all with not making the meat so oily. but if you do decide to cook them, best of wishes to you my friend.
  4. 710split

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    We tried a 10 pounder from cold water about 3 years ago and it was pretty good. When fried, it didn't "flake apart" like a catfish (it was a firmer meat). They get filleted like a blue gill, crappie, or a catfish and the fillets are boneless.

    The big thing around here is "they have worms". In 3 years of cleaning maybe 3 dozen (mostly for cut bait), only 1 had worms. (Little yellow ones that moved on the fillet knife.) I figure it is pretty easy to see them and not keep wormy fillets to eat.