Does anybody know?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by SkiMax, May 28, 2006.

  1. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    I am looking for a 16-18 foot jon boat. Something like a grizzly or g3. I have been looking around for one with a 25 horse (or so) tiller motor. I can spend around 4,000-absolute tops. If anybody has an idea of one I can get, send me a pm. thanks!
  2. 223Smitty

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    Look around for a copy of "Indiana Auto & RV" (they come out on Fridays I think), they are found in some of the convience, grocery, package stores, usually in the area by the front door. There's 2 different editions, 1 is cars the other is MC's, boats, so be sure you grab the right copy.

    Know that isn't much help, but it's the best I can offer...........


  3. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    check out Craigslist... its just that dot com... then click on a city close to you and go to the boat section... If you can't find one on there that works for you keep looking every day or every few days... i know in my area i keep seeing some 16 ft jons going for about 2-3k... usually loaded .... If you don't find one after a while of looking, make a post in the boats section with the heading wanted...
    Thats how i got my new project boat actually as well as my little jon boat... so it works...