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Does any one catch Fish on the banks of Lanier

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I havent been there in so long cause I never caught anything.
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Ive been there several times and you have to go to a spot that is not out in the open, basically you would want to look for large rocks. Thats where some kind of cats are hiding, not very big ones, id about 1-4 lbs. at the most. The Area im talkin about is really hard to find. If you find one of these areas ( which there are several of them), climb on the rocks, which are about as tall as me (im only twelve) 5-1 to be exact. They are shaped like little bays that are about 50-100 feet around. Do you no about the part where the island is on the
Buford Dam? If so you should notice a long stretch of land near it. Go to the left side and you should have quite a bit of luck there! :cool:
Thanks I w will check it out

We camp over on Lanier Islands quit alot. Its basically the only place we fish. We haven't had to much luck this year. Like catnewb said there is a little island about 500 yards from the dam. If you camp on the islands you can get out there with a canoe or jon boat pretty quick. Theres a marker to the left of that island that marks shallow water. What it is is a cluster of large rocks droppig off to deep water. Might be a good place. We always want to go out at night and fish from those rocks but Bud Light seems to stop us each time,LOL.\\

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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