Does a bobber make a difference?

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by CatfishnKS, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. CatfishnKS

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    Thanks, everyone for the welcome. Last couple times I have been out fishing I have been using a bobber on my leader line to keep the bait off the bottom. Someone told me this would decrease the chance of catching channel and increase the possibility of catching blues. I have one pole set up like this, and I do seem to catch more on that pole then I do the other pole with out the bobber. I have been using the same bait on both poles as well. Just wondering if anyone is a firm believer in using the bobber?
  2. fishinfreak19D

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    Pittston, PA
    i use em from time to time,, i have mixed results, sometimes good sometimes bad, all depends on where the fish are feeding

  3. arkrivercatman

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    Bobbers are great but I dont buy the catch more blues than channels though.
  4. Grimpuppy

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    Concordia, KS
    I never really put much faith in the theory before. This year I left one pole without a float on the leader for comparison while I drifted. I did this for about 3 months. I can tell you that the pole with the float on the leader has out fished the one without 10 to 1. I use them now on every pole. I catch more blues than channels, but that is more because I fish Milford where you will catch many more blues than channels anyway.
  5. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    I feel that it works very well when there is little to no current. If I have current, then I let the leader to the work
  6. River Outlaw

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    Professor Shelby will be on later to give ya his expert opinion and theory on this matter. :wink::roll_eyes:
  7. mandingo

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    i drift 90% of the time and have them on all my rods.they have nothing to do with what kind of cat you catch,but the purpose of them is to give more presentation while keeping your bait from dragging the mud and keeping it pretty for the fish and it also helps with keeping your hook out of snags while drifting.its not a snag-proof rig but it helps
  8. Katatonik

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    Ogden, Kansas,
    The only real reason for the little float on the leader just above the hook
    is to keep the bait just above the bottom so it can be more easily found
    by the cat that has smelled it. Also the current or the slight movement
    of the boat will cause the bait to sway and dip like it was alive so that
    adds sight triggers to the curious catfishes' response to the bait. If you
    are drift-trolling in the boat, that series of twitches is constant, so you
    have a bait bobbing up and down near the bottom. Looks a lot like some
    critter doing a feeding run. Less effective still fishing, but it still keeps
    the bait from getting lost in the bottom clutter like twigs and leaves.
  9. rush_60

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    Troy, KS
    I've had mixed results too. I'm just catching channels when I do it.
  10. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    Depends where the fish are if i use one or not. although i leave a slip floater on a lot when fishing any still body of water even when on the bottom. the bait still gets there and it saves me from having to fool with it all the time when changing depths to find the fish.

    as to where one species is compared to another. i dont buy into that to much. fish change depths for food, O2 saturation, and temp. so if one species prefers different combination of that then another then i can see it.
  11. goingfishin

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    Topeka, Ka
    One thing I have noticed is that I do catch more blues than channels when I have the slip bobber on. I have heard that blues will look up to feed while channels will scrape the bottom (Dont know if thats true or not). I do catch some channels with the bobber but more blues than anything. I dont know how the river guys use them but I only use them when drifting lakes.