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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by derbycitycatman, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Got me my second doe of the year yesterday at about 7:40 am. It was raining and windy so I decided to hunt in my Outhouse blind to try and keep dry. I was hunting a small woodlot, maybe 2-3 acres on one side of a field. Put out some Moonfire scent in one spot and Buckstop in another. I had a small 7 point probably within 10-15 yards of my blind and didnt look once at me. He walked right under the Moonfire so I at least know it didnt scare him.
    About 10-15 minutes later a doe shows up and walks right to the Moonfire and I drop her not 10 yards from the road and 5 feet from the scent.

    Funny thing or sad is I think I made 3 of my neighbors mad. I go to get the truck to drag her away. First I drive back to the pond to turn around and I see another hunter not 20 yards off the line looking at me. Now I got her hooked up and drive to the tree I hang em from and I notice the second guy in a fancy wooden stand, Ive driven past him twice now, and I basically parked right in his view to go hunting. I get to the tree I hang them from and theres another guy hunting within 10 yards of the property line. I must be the only one who doesnt hunt in sight of the property line. I get her dressed and hanging, so I drive back to the pond to wash off my knife and axe. Id forgotten about all the other hunters by then until I get to the pond. I wash off my stuff and go back to hunt the same blind again parking in the same area. The guy thats in the fancy stand is leaving and about 10 minutes after getting back in my blind I hear the guy close to the pond leaving on his atv, this is about 8:30. I wonder if these guys think I did all this on purpose, I hope not but I can see if they think that. All that driving around and doors shutting not to mention the radio couldnt have made em happy. Oh well, maybe they shouldnt be hunting so close to the property lines?
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    Congrats on your deer. I can see where those other hunters might have gotten aggravated a little bit, with all the noise going on around them.

    I hope they don't get mad at ya, anger and Hunting won't mix too

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    Sounds like a good morning. Congrats!
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    Congrats, It was your property wasn't it? I've wondered about that too.
    I have permission to hunt, but try and stay at least 50 yrds from my Uncle's line, but seems like other hunters want to hunt right on the line.
    I wouldn't harvest a deer off another man's land I did not have permission to hunt. What I really hate is these guys wear the hunter orange walking to their stand...then take it off. One guy last year was wearing a Gilley for turkey hunting. You gotta wonder what guys are thinking sometimes.
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    My 15 year old grandson just came home with his first buck very excited
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    Congrats to all on the hunt.My friend and i just got back from weekend hunt,my friend got a pretty nice 8pt this morning about 8:30.buck is at butcher shop now.
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    Congrats on your doe im sure you ticked the other fellas off some but theyll get over it and if not they will handle iti figure if they are real hunting men they gotta work a little for thier rewards like the rest of us they should have walked farther into the woods to begin hunting