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    Polo, Missouri
    Whats the best air intake for the hemi
  2. WTL

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    I know a lot of people over on the dodge forums like the round air filters as opposed to the CAIs. Mostly I'm talking people with Magnum Dodge engines, but some with Hemis too. I think the CAIs might be a little faddish, the idea of putting colder air into the intake is sound in theory...but that intake manifold is hot no matter what so that air is just gonna heat right on up sitting in there. THe dodges have pretty large intake manifolds so I think thats part of the deal. So perhaps you should just look to get the most freeflowing intake possible, a Mr Gasket or Edlebrok round setup (available at most Autozones or Advances for 20-$40) with a K&N filter.