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    Original post made by Justin Cantrell(Justin) on October 9, 2002

    When fishing on a Dock many catfisherman fail to realize one very important thing, that they are standing on the cover. Many times people go out on a dock & throw their lines as far as they can trying to get in the deepest water possible. Realize that you are "Standing" on the cover, so try to keep most of your baits within 10 feet or try lowering a live perch or something down by the dock legs.
    If you notice in the picture above you can see the dock on the left. On this particular day I had a live perch lowered down by the dock leg.
    Many docks have lights on them, attracting baitfish to the area consistently. Sunken crappie brush is also common, providing extra cover for the flatheads at night. Docks are also very easy to set-up on. Just remember to be very quiet, stay still, & be patient.