Do You Use A Checklist?

Discussion in 'Camping Talk' started by Mickey, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    This is a great idea.:0a27: I would like to start this off with a camper question.Do you use a check list to remember everything or just keep everything stocked up.:hungry: :hungry:
  2. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Myself personally when we take our camper down to the River camp for the summer I make out a list.then as we put everything in totes to take down check it off. Still usually forget something. Then when we go home go around write what needs to go next time so you don't forget it. You'd be surprised what you wind up taking just to go camping for a wekend.
    This ought to be an intersesting thread,but it's a darn good idea.THanks Paul.

  3. Itch2Scratch

    Itch2Scratch New Member

    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    Good question Mickey, maybe some of the members will share their camping checklist with us.:wink:
  4. Sparky Larson

    Sparky Larson New Member

    Marlette Michigan
    I use to make a check list, but not any more. My stuff is all packed up in totes, and ready to go. On the inside of the tote lid, I tape a plastic coated list of everything that is in the tote. I use a grease pencil to put a mark on anything that has to be replaced. That way before I leave to go camping, I can check the list and replace anything that is marked. It works for me.
  5. steveg442

    steveg442 New Member

    I used a check list that had everything I needed on it. I would just print off the list prior to the camp-out and check off the list as I packed my truck.
  6. bootshowl

    bootshowl New Member

    Indiana, J
    I had a check list but forgot it.
  7. PeZ

    PeZ New Member

    I camp so many times a year that I dont need a list im pretty good I no what I need.
  8. gadzooks

    gadzooks New Member

    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Check list? Don't need no steeenking check list.
  9. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Like a few others my stuff stays packed up and ready to go. Somethings i duplicates of, thank goodness for garage sales, so I can keep everything packed away and not serving double duty. I like the grease pencil idea.
  10. Blue Duck

    Blue Duck New Member

    No I don't use a check list. That being said there have been times. I probably should have. But thats camping...... Get by with what you brought....
  11. sal_jr

    sal_jr New Member

    Ithaca, MI
    The difficulty is in the details, guys and girls!

    A camping trip in the deep south is different in nature from a trip in Arizona or Washington State or Michigan or Kansas. Things get more complicated when you talk about the individual trip.

    If I am hiking into a spot for the night everrtyhting must be able to fit on my backpack and wagon. If Im just going to the access by the river for the night I can fill a truck with crap and still run low on space and supplies.

    What about weather? What about the recent weather that might make your favorite spot 90% of the time into a portion of the river 3 feet under water?

    A basic checklist is alright I suppose....

    Sleeping bag, tent poles, cooler, firepit tripod, and extra socks... plus rods reels and equipment, bait, camera, and bug spray. Anyone can get that stufff around.

    I have to make a choice every time depending on the company on the river Iw ill keep. If it is the wife and I then 2 hat lights and a spotlight are sufficient.... If it will be my city-born friends or cousins, they like the lantern and gas and mantles to be there too, plus a deck of cards.

    It gets messy- see?

    If Im going to a gathering of the michigan guys you can be rest-assured that I bring extra everything and then I need a spare box for that, plus a spare box for goodies I brought to share... such as pie or biscotti or breads or scotch eggs.

    If I am going out with my dad I better bring a book, cause he will and I wont have anyone to talk to.

    If Im goiung with my grandpa then I have to have a bigger first aid kit and a walking stick for him to use in the other hand while using his cane with the one hand....


    Maybe I ought to forget camping and just get myself a lil place by a river with a BIG BIG BIG pole barn with one wall that touches the bank. LOL
  12. r ward

    r ward New Member

    Kathleen G
    So far I have not used a check list but it seems like it would have it's advantages but I would probley forget what I wanted to put on it
  13. pythonjohn

    pythonjohn New Member Supporting Member

    F L A Swamps
    For me a ckeck list is a must.
    You can add to it if you need to
    Make your list and check off the items you have.
    No more wondering if you have everything.
  14. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    The only list I make is the grocery list:big_smile: .
  15. Creteus

    Creteus New Member

    Loganville, GA
    My check list is very simple. Grab everything I can think of and jump in the truck as fast as I can. Gotta get away from civilization as fast as possible. Making a list causes antisipation and lack of sleep. Like a kid on Christmas Eve:big_smile:
  16. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    Like Sparky, most of my camping gear is already packed in waterproof totes that can be easily packed into the back of a pick-up truck. I do like the grease pencil idea, thanks Sparky! Now, for the items that can only be packed at the last minute, such as perishable food, clothes, and toiletries (or any special items you may need due to where you will be camping, as Sal said) I do make a checklist. It's not a matter of anticipation for me (although I usually am excited since I love camping :big_smile:), but more a matter of ANXIETY during the road trip......I need to have my boxes checked, my i's dotted, and my t's crossed, or I'll worry I forgot something the whole way there :roll_eyes:!
  17. gilmafam

    gilmafam Well-Known Member

    Use to make list years ago, and that worked ok.... Plastic boxes that stack is the way to go....I put all boat stuff in the boat minus the bait, In the RV goes the food etc... no list needed... so many days etc...I still have boxes of extra camping silver, stoves etc that I can throw in the mini van.. or in the boat if Im boat camping.. or for use with the kids.(old kids) I make sure that I have fishing gear in the RV not included in the stuff in the boat. While camping, and something is missing or runs out, make a list to add to the essentials....

    If you do the boxes route, take a tarp to cover it all up so no one can see your stuff and want to borrow or "take" it... keep it out of site

    like some of you, when camping, and friends dont have it they come to me and I will have it or solve their problem..

    bayrunner ray....
  18. FRANK

    FRANK New Member

    I have never used a checklist but then again I should, because I seem to never learn from my mistakes when i don't have somthing that I need :big_smile:

    Thanks for the ideas though!!
  19. ShilohRed

    ShilohRed New Member

    West Tn
    About all that I have to pack is food in the fridge. And a few clothes and then its time to leave.
    But the ones with campers. Do hang a tag showing the TV antenna it still up. See it each year where some one. Drives off with it still up.
  20. isaiahedwards

    isaiahedwards New Member

    i plan on using a checklist.. so i don't forget nothing