Do you support CPR? It could be just a WASTE of your time...

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  1. Catfish_Commando

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    Question: If you and others are practicing selective harvest, and release large catfish, is it a waste of time?

    Are you just making it easier for recreational fishermen and commercial fishermen to stock paylakes from your nice gesture?


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    SGTREDNECK New Member

    Your tricked me into reading this thread. I already signed up. You sly dog you. Have a good one. Andrew

  3. drpepper

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    Thanks Paul, I am glad to see you campaining this.
    I call for a total ban of commercial catfishing without compromise
    though. It's time to just put an end to it once and for all.
    At the very least a 34" fish? For commercial catfisherman? without a limit?
    Thats WAY too generous. If we're going to fight this fight, we need to fight for the ultimate win.... a ban. I don't care about their kids and they don't care about mine. Wanting your kids to grow up to be commercial fisherman is pathetic anyway.... I want mine to become doctors and astronauts lol.
    Commercial fisherman saying they want to help us means they are scared.
    Saying they want to protect trophy cats is a Bullcrap lie.
    Saying a commercial catfisherman is a good conservationist is an oxymoron.
  4. 320hotrod

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    I think I side with the Good Doctor on this one; ban commercial altogether. There is no reason for commercial catfishing when I would hope catfish farming could fill the need. Even if they could not supply the market now, they would happily do so with the increased demand on their services. And unlike salt water commercial fishing, catfish farms are a possibilty anywhere in the U.S. I believe even the market would rather get a more consistant and stable supply, anyway.
  5. indycatman

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    Greenwood, Indi
    i am going to 2nd this with bill
  6. indycatman

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    Greenwood, Indi
    i always cpr after catching the fish--hell yeah banned all commerical fishermen
  7. Little Mac

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    NW Arkansa
    I agree 100% I get so tired of not being able to fish the good spots for those dang nets in my way, or havin to cut them out of my prop. :angry: You are very right that catfish can be supplied better from a farm. I do understand the man trying to make a living, but there are other ways to do it. I had thought these paylakes were for takin kids to garentee them a fish, I would hate for a 50lb cat to pull my grandson in the lake:crazy: If they have the lake or pond why not use it to grow thier channel cats for market.
  8. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR
    I am with little Mac & already signed the petition:wink: freakin nets are everywhere on the arkansas river:angry:
  9. catman-j

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    Eastern Nebr
    I don't have a problem with comercially fishing cats on large rivers such as the missouri and mississip but they need to leave the smaller rivers and lakes alone. I'm starting to see why they won't let boats up in the tail race at Truman Dam. The guys that really know what they're doing can catch 20-40 pounders with no problem from the bank, I can't imagine how many cats were poached with boats in the past.
  10. bedbug jr

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't commercially netting skinfish made illegal on Missouri waters--at least the MO River--several years ago? If I am correct then how do we go about getting existing laws enforced? Stay safe and push for change!!!
  11. buckethead

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    Hello, B.O.C.

    This thread was way in the back so decided to get back up front,((where it belongs))))

    My question is !! who are the people that go to the Pay/Lakes ????????
    we have one up in Nelleyville,Missouri, I go there when we have a fish fry and buy the fish, they are all Channel Cat, and he will clean them while I wait, he does not have any huge fish, he rases them at his place.
    So what is the point of haveing a Pay/Lake???? with 60 and 80 pound catfish??? they are not good to eat !! I have never seen a 60 or 80 pound catfish in my Super market for sale !!!!

    Is it Bill Dance or Roland Martin ????? LMBO !!!!! how do we find out what type of person goes to them ???? Who are these people ?????? and where do they come from ???????? what do they do with the fish?????
    do they eat the thing????? do they have it mounted???? they can do that with out killing the fish !! do they ship them over seas ???? do they use them for breeding stock ????

    I do agree with all of the things that you guys suggest, Commercial Fishing is an Out Dated way to try and make a liveing for sure, we have one close to where I live that is trying to run a bait shop, last time I was in there he had a picture of a 70 lb. Flathead hanging on the wall,((((((from the news paper article))) no less, he told me he went back the next day and caught the Male, the fish was dead, so he didnt sell it to a Pay/Lake anyway,

    Here in Arkansas I can buy a Commercial Fishing License for (( get this)) $25.00 bucks, No S@#$ now to me that is a ""Joke""" it should be more like $1,500.00 if you are going to try and have a bussiness off of ((((PUBLIC)))) resource's,

  12. Cattn-Jeep

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    Ban commercial catfishing...I'm all for it.

    If people want to sell catfish- raise them on a fish farm.