Do you remember what got you into catfishing?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by loki1982, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. loki1982

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    All my life my family, mostly on my moms side have been trotlining, noodling, jugging, rod and reeling, for catfish. I was mostly too young to go most of the time, but would see them bring back fish that were as big as I was. Later in life I went crappie fishing with a friends dad and watched him catch a 22# flathead on crappie tackle. After that I was hooked. I think that was the exact point I decided my target fish would be catfish.

    Anyone else remember what got them started fishing for catfish.
  2. ka_c4_boom

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    i was bass fishing in the ohio river with my zebco 33 and 8# test line throwing an 1/8 oz rooster tail and caught 2 channel cats 5# each . then my brother vlparrish took me cattin with him , what a blast.

  3. tnkatman

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    Bluff City, TN
    Fishing At A Farm Pond Where I Lived Got Me Hooked, There's No Other Species Of Fish That I Would Rather Fish For, I've Always Loved Catfishing.
  4. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I found a lake that had big bluegills...averaging 9-10 inches. Not much I love better than fighting big 'gills with an ultralight. The damn catfish started hitting my bait. So, to show them, I strung 'em up and took 'em home, filleted them and had a fish fry. It was fun catching 2-3 lb cats on my little ultrulight, but I began taking my very old Daiwa medium weight spinning rig, even bought a new $8 rod for it...big spender. Began catching 4 and 5 lb cats while, at the same time, hooking the gills on my ultralight. Cast in one direction for catfish, the other for 'gills.

    My truck was broken into while out on the lake, so I decided to start fishing another lake. Very poor 'gill fishing, but great for catfish. I'm hooked now, can't get unhooked. I just fried up the last batch of catfish in my freezer last night, so gotta go out in the morning and see if I can get a refill.
  5. tomcat85

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    just started fishing this year again after a 12 year break. caught a catfish on my ultra light crappie rod. ive been hooked ever since and then when i found this website its all i think about lol
  6. maddcatter

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    Newark, Oh
    I used to bass fish. I like the constant action. But a friend of mine started catfishing and was talking about what a blast it was. So, some friends and I got together and fished through the night. I don't know if it was the fishing or the experience itself that hooked me, but never the less, I'm hooked.
  7. billycat85

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    i got a new job and i met tomcat85 at work and he always asked me to go catfishing. i finall went and now im hooked.we went out over the weekend and i got a 8lb channel {i caught it at merain state park in muddy creak}
  8. whiteriverbigcats

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    Before i begin, Welcome to the BOC Billycat. This place is great and so are all the members...

    What got me into Catfishing was... When i was about 6 my grand father took me to a local lake... I remember leaving about 4:30 in the morning and stoping at this little Bait store for minnows and crickets... We were planning on catching a mess of Crappies and Bass... Well we were doing really good and about 8am or so my Bobber shot under and my Mitchell rod and reel flew out of the boat and i about lost it.. i was just a kid... i didnt realize they would take your pole.. Well my Grandpa fished that thing out and the Boober was still submerged so he set the hook for me and told me to reel it in.. I still havent caught one that fought like this cat fought... I had no clue i was about to imbark on a new Love in the fishing world... Well as the minutes passed ( about 20 ) cause i had no clue how to land this fish.. I managed to get him to the Boat and my Grandpa netted him for me and we put him on the stringer and tied him off to the boat... Didnt really scale them back then cause weight didnt mean nothing when you was gonna eat it.. But if memory serves me right i would say it was about 8#'s... But for about 3 weeks i was the man... My family heard that story about 10 times a day of how i caught this monster catfish..... I just hope one day i share a Memory like this with my son...... Just this memory brings that smile bak after all these years......
  9. FishMan

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  10. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    I really can't remember any one thing that hooked me on catfishing. I have loved catching them as long as I can remember. I do remember my first good cat, 5lbs 10 oz, channel, a real whopper to me back then. I remember how beautiful he looked to me. They still do .
  11. khensu0213

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    Fishing with my parents and grandparents when I was young. The first 'big' fish I caught was about a 2 pound channel. I've been on the hunt for catdaddy's ever had to be about 7 years old when I caught my first cat....I'm getting old.:cool2:
  12. WylieCat

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    When I was a kid the only place I could fish was from a pier, and the biggest fish around where catfish. Once I got older, and realized I could buy a boat now that I am big boy, I decided to go catch some catfish. The first few trips taught me that there is more to fishing out of a boat than I thought!! I did one guide trip and learned to drift/troll, and that got me hooked on catching big trophy cats.
  13. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Well, When I was a wee lad my uncle John Cohick took me on a fishing trip. I have never been on any kind of trip before but I was really excited.. I remember that I couldn't sleep the night before! So anyway we get there and there was this huge lake and I said "what are we doing here anyway"? "Fishing!" he said!..Oh...So, Uncle John helped me rig up this HUGE pole and bait it up..helped me cast it out there a bit and we waited...Bang! My pole bent in half!.. I was scared and excited the whole time.. I said "Now what?" he said "well, Grab it and start reeling!" I did just that.. A huge Channel cat! I caught the first fish of the day!! I remember I wanted him to put it back immediately so it wouldn't die! He was confused on my decision to do this cause it was as big as me at the time! BUt he did it anyways! That was the first time I ever caught a catfish! it was something like 1978 or 79' Long time ago!
  14. elalr

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    warsaw missouri
    my dad taught me how to trotline. rod and reel has just been trial and error. once i found the boc i have learned more in a few months than i learned my whole life. if i could just talk my dad into cpr practices id be happy.
  15. georgiamike

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    For me it all started when my dad would take me fishing when I was about 8, we lived in dover delaware, we would go at night in a swampy kinda area and I remember it as heaven. As an 8 year old spending time with Dad catching cats and the occassional bullfrog, who wouldnt be hooked. We lived all over the USA growing up and there was always cats somewhere around. In NC as a teenager, my buddy and I would go catfishin in a small creek (maybe 10ft across in the widest parts) and many a time we would stay all night lying on the bank with our hand on our pole waiting for the pole to jerk almost and sometimes totally out of our hands....

    Great memories
  16. IrishO'Brady

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    Id caught some various smaller caughts when I was younger, but I hooked a 14# channel on a spinnerbati bass fishing. Wow what a fight. Was hooked from that point on...
  17. flatheadsteven

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    i always wanted to catch a flathead and my neibor new a good spot to catch them so one day i went with him we were there for prolly around 20 min and he had got a hit and set the hook on a good fish he handed the big pole to me i started reelin it in i will never forget how that fish fought i got it to the bank and he neted was a 16 pound flattie i thought it was so huge cuz it was almost as big as me.we caught 3 more that night i was hooked after that.

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  18. shotdemducks

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    For me it was being with my Grandpa and Grandma, when I was younger. I loved spending time with them and the conversations we would have on thee banks between bites. That is what I hope to pass on with my boys, memories that last a lifetime, as well as a great friendship between us all.
  19. upncomincatfishking

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    Cheviot Ohio
    I Remember Goin Wit My Stepdad N His Buddy's On The Great Miami N Small Miami Rivers And Slayin Big Cats.all It Took Was That First Cat And I Was Hooked Then I Quit For A Good Number Of Years(5-6).til My Fiances Dad Asked Me To Go Wit Him. At First I Was Reluctant To Go,we Went A Couple Times And Didnt Get Anything.i Was About To Give It Up ,then Went One Day And I Caught A 24.7 And A 23.3lb Shovelhead After That I Couldnt Stop I Go Every Chance I Get,theres Nothin Like The Feelin Of Settin The Hook In A Big Cat.
  20. grizzly

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    Griffithville, Arkansas
    I remember when I was young my dad talking about the big flatheads he used to catch, and I told him thats what I want to do, catch big flatheads. After that he worked his but off trying for us to catch flatheads. We trotlined, limblined and every thing, but caught very few and never any over 5 lbs. So then he decided we needed to run snaglines which is commercial tackle. It was a lot of work but we caught lots of flatheads up to 21 lbs. After years of fishing I think I am a decent fisherman and every time I catch a flathead I think of my father and grandfather and the respect of the outdoors they taught me. I miss them both very much. grizzly