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If so check out our glow sticks, The 8" ones are the best buy and last and last and last. I have had some to glow for 7 days. Yes you read that right 7 days now its not as bright as the first night but sure glowing good enough to see night after night. If its a dark night. Now if theres a full moon out there not going to cut it. But on a dark night they still work the next night if you keep them cool and out of bright light. Green is the best! But we have mixed color tubes also.

Then we have the 4" ones there .10MM twice as thick as the 8" ones and man they glow bright as in light up the way to see bright. They have a easy hanger built in along with a hole at the top of them. These work great for adding above your bait for night fishing. The glow brings the fish to your bait. Again these are green also best for night fishing.

Then we have the 1.5" glow sticks in green these also work great but cost more then the 8" ones..

Also if your looking for the best way to add them to your rod tip just use O-Ring's that fit tight enough to keep the glow stick on. I keep 2 on my rods all the time. Works great. We can sell these to you but you can also buy them local.
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