Do you like to fish alone or with friends?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by graybeard, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. graybeard

    graybeard New Member

    The post on why you like to fish got me thinking. Do most of you like to fish with people or by yourself. Personally, I enjoy solitude, so I go alone alot. I don't mind taking my kids, but the only left at home isn't into fishing all that much, so I don't try to force it on him. Middle son loved it, so he went with me almost all the time, but he's out of state now. I may go with some one else once or twice a year, otherwise I'm usually solo. Guys at work say they like to fish, but can't find no one else to go. I tell them I like to go alone, and they think I'm nuts. I go when I want, fish where I want, move when I want, and go home when I want. Anyone else out there like to go it alone?
  2. Deltalover

    Deltalover New Member

    Tracy Calif
    I fish with friends and family often but I make sure I spend an equal time fishing alone for the same reasons you mentioned! It's nice to just get up and go, like I am about to do now!

  3. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I like to fish with someone, you always need somebody to hold the camera and takes pics.;)..Plus fishing dont seem the same if to me if you dont have a friend to share it with... mellon takes good pictures!
  4. Chuckb

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    Pana Illinois
    I like fishing alone but it is much nicer to have a good friend with you on one condition. I absolutely hate it when I take someone and they start whining about the fish not biting, or they are ready to go and I am not. If they go with me they had better be more than just a weekend warrior because I take my fishing time very seriously and will not leave untill I am forced to. Right Bryan and Bob!;)
  5. Salmonid

    Salmonid New Member

    SW Ohio
    Depends on my mood, but mostly I enjoy the comaraderie as much as the fishing, if Im with some good buddies, I could fish all night without a bite and consider it a good trip, just not for catchin!!
    And Ill have to agree, that Mellon does take good pictures, and he is getting better all the time with his netting skills!!:rolleyes:

  6. chubbahead

    chubbahead Member

    I usually will fish with my brother or father, but I get out alone all the time too. I'll be a little more patient when the fish aren't biting if someone else is there to talk too.

    Some of the places I fish, I will not go alone. You never know what kind of crazy people you will run into when down by the river.
  7. bearcat

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    Nokomis, Illinois
    I will go by myself if it is local lake or farm pond. But if I am going to the river I would rather have someone with me. I still like to fish with someone else if I have the choice.
  8. nuthinlikeacat

    nuthinlikeacat New Member

    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    I have to fish with someone. I've tried a couple times alone, and it just isnt the same. I need something to keep me company.

    CATFISHPAT New Member

    I like to fish with my best Bro..Derek We'r like pee's and caret's :)
  10. triggerhappy

    triggerhappy New Member

    I'm 20 and single...and in College. So I'm pretty social right now and usually go with 1 or 2 of my buddies. But I don't mind going alone. I also grew up always fishing with grandpa and its kinda ingrained as a social activity for me. When I go alone though its a totally different thing and I like it as well. About going,leaving, and casting were and when you want...most of the fishing we do is on ponds. We show up and start walking in our own directions. When one decides he's down he'll go back to the truck and act like he's messin' with his reel. Its kinda the unspoken language.
  11. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    I prefer to fish alone or with my son most of the time. My son used to go with me a lot, but he has his own boat now. So I usually fish alone.
  12. JAinSC

    JAinSC Active Member

    South Carolina
    Both -

    Ocasionally I fish with my wife and/or son, but I like to fish harder and longer than they do, so usually I go with a friend or alone.

    A good fishing buddy is great, and it does improve many trips to have someone to share it with. A fishing buddy has to be right, though. I had one friend from work I went with once (only once) who quit fishing almost immediately and said he never catches anything (well, duh?) and said it was OK if I kept fishing, though. My usual fishing buddy these days is at least as into it as I am, and that's real important. No fun if he is ready to go before you are.

    I also very much enjoy fishing by myself, for the solitude and relaxation. No matter how good a friend or fishing buddy is, there is bound to be a little bit of competition. Sometimes I just want to be all alone to escape everything.
  13. Dano

    Dano New Member

    My Sons work a lot of hours and when they are off work, they have many other things to do these days. I miss the camping days when they was growing up.

    Now I fish alone or with wife most of the time. I love fishing alone. I have a lake lot. Sometimes we have friends drive up etc. Thats fun when the cooking and BSing starts but I dont like a crowd all the time. Lot is Bout 25 miles from my house. I will get up an go to lake in a heart beat, just to be there. Before gas went up, I was there almost everyday. I fish all the time alone and its cool with me. I just love being there. Course its good to have a friend now and then. Buddy of mine at the lake many times just me an him on the bank. I do let an old man stay on one corner of my lot. In return he pays the bills. Kind of starting to get on my nerves. LOL. He doesn't fish at all anymore. Always following me around. I've always been a loner type person. I like my quite time. LOL. Too me, its hard to find a good friend these days.
    My best friend of 25 years moved away a couple years back do to job. I always like him going with me. I think he will be moving back here one day and we will start fishing again.

    Guess you can say, either way is good with me.

    I have to take all that back. My dog is always with me when I'm at lake. So in away, I'm never alone. I talk to her all the time on bank and she knows what I'm saying.
  14. beeheck

    beeheck New Member

    Iowa / Missouri
    I like fishing with someone but don't really mind fishing alone. In the boat on a river it's just nice to have someone to help with the chores and setting up. I also like the conversations that develop and the all around good time. I get as much enjoyment out of watching a friend catch a fish as I do myself. When my kids were young we all got in my 14' semi-V, with the wife, that adds up to 5 people and I played guide and just baited hooks, took fish off, untangled reels, settled fights over who has the casting rights to a spot, seat placement in the boat and all kinds of fun stuff. Had a riot and now all my kids love to fish and we gather at the lake whenever possible and primary fun is fishing. I would say all that "work???" was worth it and like I said, I loved it!
  15. elphaba7

    elphaba7 New Member

    Mo'town, WV
    Either/or...I'm not picky as long as I get to go.
  16. rasimmons

    rasimmons Guest

    depends on what kind of mood i am in and if anyone wants to go with
  17. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    i really dont like going alone cat-fishing, but i do quite a bit. time seems to pass so much smoother when someone else is along to BS with. its also nice to have a net/camera B$#@h:D now if im chasing 'gills, smallies, or saugeye it doesnt really matter.
  18. SangamonCatKiller

    SangamonCatKiller New Member

    central illinois
    I almost always have my buddy ken with me on all of my trips. He is into fishing as much as me which is a good thing. Also my fiance has a not so little brother who is hardcore flathead fishermen too. He has been going with me finding alot of new territory this year. Having a partner is very important when targeting any type of big fish. For one the camera works alot better with someone at the other end of it. For two I have needed help up a lot of banks after going down to pull a cat out. There was no way I was climbing up the bank with a pole in one hand and a cat in the other. And third fish stories are fish stories but when there is someone with you it adds to the story as both of you get a memory out of the deal. Truly great stuff!
  19. Crispy Critter

    Crispy Critter New Member

    I like to fish either way but if I go in the boat I usually go with someone.It's easier and safer.
  20. KanHeadhunter

    KanHeadhunter New Member

    S. E. K.
    When I go catfishing I like to go with friends. I work with a guy and his 19yr old son usually goes with us. When I go to the cabin and spend the week my whole family goes...BIL, FIL, MIL & SIL. We mainly run limblines and troutlines so the more there is the less work for me.

    When I go bass fishing I like to go by myself. I don't like to talk much while fishing, if I bring someone they will want to talk. I do fish toutnaments with a friends and talk some with them.