Do you know a wounded soldier?

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    A lot of wounded soldiers are now getting out of the military and are going to the VA for continued medical care and financial compensation, etc. They find a huge organization with rules, regulations and ways of doing things that can be very intimidating and confusing. The media is currently full of horror stories about soldiers that are lost in the system.

    What these soldiers need to be told is that they do not have to go it alone. It's a time when they are probably at a mental and physical low and definitely not at their best. There is available help in the form of service organizations including but not limited to the VFW and American Legion. These organizations have service officers who are trained and heavily experienced in the arcane ways of the VA. Some, including the two mentioned even have offices in the same buildings as the VA allowing them to work hand in hand with the disability review boards. They also have patient advisors in most of the VA hospitals who can help you with getting treatment. They can and will, if you give them a power of attorney, help you to organize your claims and keep track of your case and keep it from falling through the cracks. They are a great resource but you have to know they exsist to use them. They can't make things happen immediately but they will make sure claims, etc. do keep moving through the process and do not get lost.
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    i agree the VA is a HUGE machine that a man will need help getting guided through. All soldiers when they get out of the millitary are suppose to go to a 30hr class that shows them how to get a job but one day that is not mandatory is a class on how to get help and services from the VA. If everyone in the services took that one day class then there would be alot less problems.

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    I know allot of disabled vets, the red tape, and the quality of care is, as should be, under close scrutiny. My father inlaw used the veteran hospital for his heart condition...the methods used were antiquated, some of which I had never heard of. He lasted about seven months. I don't think the government wants to provide a quality service for any of our is to can they give aliens social security if they spend money on the men and women that gave all they could in defense of this country. Seems to me the politicians are more concerned with greasing their own pockets to allow spending money on trivial matters such as education for our children and the health of our vets.