Do you jug fish?

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    Are you one of those people that enjoy jug fishing? It sure gets your blood pumping when you have 30 jugs out. Then you start seeing them go down. Or better yet, you get 8 or 10 fish on at one time. Now that's fun.

    We at WildWolf Products mold up several different ABS plastic parts for use in our making of different products. We have decided to make parts available in kit form. We will offer different style jugs kits that are available. The advantage in using our kits are Our Parts make for professional looking jugs.
    Our Parts fit all 1/2" or 3/4" PVC Pipe.
    Easy Glue up & makes Building Jugs a Breeze.
    The Plastic Flanges on the ends protects the Foam material.
    Our Flanges and JugMaster Spools are ABS Plastic and very Strong.
    The JugMaster Spool assembly store all of your line.
    The JugMaster spool assembly allows you to set line depth w/o Clips.
    The Spool will hold up to 50 feet of 100# Test Catfish Line.
    You will have to supply the Noodle Material, PVC Pipe and pvc/abs Glue.

    10 Ft of 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe at Home Depot is $1.62 Here in TN. 10 Ft of 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe at Home Depot is $2.13 Here in TN. 2 5/8" Noodles at Walmart(5' Long) $1.66 3 3/4" Noodles at Walmart(5 ' Long) $3.38 Small Can of PVC/ABS Glue is approx. $2.50 You can use this information to Figure your Per jug Costs.

    Check out our Kits at Our Tattle Tail jug kits are listed there along with our Regular Jug Making kits.
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    I use both types of jug kits and like them both. Be sure and get some of these!!!!