Do you Hawg or Coax a fish?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by kkyyoottee, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. kkyyoottee

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    I have seen set ups for cats that would of brought a whale in and then I have seen rigs that would make a bluegill bend it like a whale!! I dont want to "hawg" a fish in but like to find the medium road for a rod/reel combo!! So here I came to find out the anwsers from those who do it!! Id like to keep combo under 300 bucks!!! Thanks
  2. Wallbass

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    I like to use Berkleys Big game power series 8' spinning rod Medium with a ABU Garcia Cardinal 106 reel and 17# test line. Total cost about $60 bucks Lot of FUNNNNNNN....Jeff :)

  3. BKS72

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    East of KC
    I like my Abu 6000 series reels with 65lb braid and an Ugly Stik Tiger M or M/H rod. Enough guts to get the fish in my avatar in but still light enough that 10# fish are entertaining. Around $150 with the line.
  4. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    There ain't no such thing as the ideal catfishing rig for all situations. Some of the places I fish, if you let a fish pull 10' of line, it's got you wrapped around a tree trunk or log. Other places, there's all kind of open water to play the fish. Obviously, I can get away with using a lot lighter rig in that situation. Also, if you're fishing where you catch lots of smaller cats and occasional big one, you've got to decide whether you want to have fun using a light rig for the smaller cats---and probably lose the big ones, or use a rig heavy enough to handle the big ones, even though you won't get as much fun out of the smaller cats.
  5. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Fortunatly we have a new sponsor here on the BOC that feels the same way.
    Steve Brown of Catfish Safari has desined his rods just for that very reason.
    I would encourage to give Steve a call. His rods run around 80.00 and he will put them up against any rod out there today.
  6. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    Mostly I use Abu 6500 series reels filled with 15 pound Big Game on basically heavy bass rods and have taken some real nice flatheads with those. I truly believe that those rigs will handle any flathead out there if I have room to fight him. Unfortunatley, flatheads often live around a lot of cover.

    I have gotten a couple of good fish this year on a slightly heavier rig (still an Abu 6500, but on a Muskie rod) filled with 20 pound Big Game. Both those fish got into some cover and I believe I would have lost them with the 15 lb outfits, so I am thinking about some braid - like maybe converting the 15 pound outfits to about a 40 lb braid???
  7. neocats

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    I like my Okuma Fin Chaser combo. 10' MH rod for around $35. And yes its a spiining combo for guys like me that just don't like the bait casters. It has landed 38+ pound Flatheads without any problems from rod or reel.
  8. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I've agree with Jeff.
  9. kingneck76

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    I currently only have 3 rods for cattin. 1 MH, 1 M, and 1 ML. I bait them in that order MH with big live, M smaller live/cut, and the ML gets something fairly small. I dont like to "play" the big ones. That causes undue stress, and lessen the likelyhood that they will live after I cpr. Once the hook is set I try to get them off the hook, and back in the water asap. JMO