Do you hate Buckmasters?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by GoFish_Tony, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. GoFish_Tony

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    Big Rock, IL
    I learned something about them today that I bet you didn't know. If you have ever been to their website... OR ... one of their affiliate websites and ever given them your phone number, you WILL be put on their telemarketing solicitation list. I believe I signed up for a prize raffle on one of their sites. Thats when the calls started.

    Wait.. it gets better. I have records showing each and every call we have received from them. I haven't counted them all up yet but I can tell you that we have gotten 3-4 calls a day for the last 3 weeks. Each call had been identical. They would call and when we did answer we would get nothing but silence, and then a click (thank God for caller ID.) Doing a simple search on the Internet landed me THIS website. Seems like I am not the only one getting these harassing calls. (And YES, I am registered with the DO-NOT-CALL registry.) More then just annoying... read on.

    Tonight was different, we got a "BLOCKED" call and my wife answered it. It was a sweet sounding female voice asking for me, my wife asked who was calling and was told that it was Kristy (or something) calling from Buckmasters. I took the call and she asked me how I was doing tonight. I told her how pleased I was that she called me and how I had SO MUCH to tell her. I politely told her how upset we were by their solicitation and harassment and I wanted these calls to STOP immediately.

    I told her that I was already considering calling my States Attorney about these calls when she asked me if I ever visited their website. I asked why, and was told that even if she did remove my number from their list, that if I was to re-visit one of their websites I would be put back on it. HOW DARE THEY!

    Anybody else ever had problems with them?

  2. catfish kenny

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    I would be smoking-Lilly will be polite and courtious....Not me I will tell them whats on my mind and I dont think twice about being nice....!

  3. Ulikedew

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    Georgetown IN
    If I go to their site I think I will put in my mother in laws phone number.She will tell em off real fast.
  4. flaboy

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    Wedgefield, SC
    Hey yall, how about signing in with petas ph num? or billerys, or the phone companys, or ? well you get the idea!:big_smile:
  5. beetle

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    Thanks for the info Tony
  6. john catfish young

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    I'm with you there brother...thats a great idea. I get these calls all the time. Not from Buckmasters ,but from other soliciters. I answer the phone and nothing but silence. If you stay on long enough someone will usually answer or you will be cut off and a return call will come shortly. I usually answer them just to give them a piece of my mind. I have even threatened to contact my attorney if the calls didn't stop immediatley. They usually stop then. :angry:
  7. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    If you willingly supply your phone number and address you are lawfully giving the A-OK to solicit you.
    It negates the do not call list.

    How many sign up for the free this win that in the grocery stores and malls?
    Sit there and stuff the box in hopes of winning that new John Deere lawn tractor?
    That lawn tractor never gets given away, its a free easy source for your name address and telephone number.
    Its also their way around the do not call list.
    To increase their profit margins they'll sell your information to someone else.

    A few years ago I signed up for a freebie in a mall.
    Almost immediately the calls started coming from 3 or 4 different companies soliciting. every day my mailbox was full of credit cards and people wanting to loan me 50,000 dollars. After some questions and research on the web I figured out I'd never willingly give my name, address, and phone number to a box anywhere.
    Security is a big thing now.
    If I go to a doctor's office I dont even give my SS number or drivers license number. Name and address is sufficient along with my insurance card.
    Just look at your place of employment. How hard would it be to find out a coworker's SS number? Where I work I see them laying around all the time. Glad I dont work in that department.
    How many people have access to your files whether its their job or somebody being nosey?
    I no longer mail checks. I have no clue who is opening envelopes or how many hands my check goes through. If you notice. Your check has your routing number and account number on it. Those two bits of information can be used to steal from your account quite easily. Alot of these thieves wont empty your account. They'll drain it real slow over a long period.
    Alot of people dont even look at their bank statements.

    Be careful of giving personal information to a box or filling out a questionaire , even in a Dr's office.
  8. tufffish

    tufffish New Member

    i entered the buckmasters hunt give away and did receive a call from them to join. my wife threw a fit since she put us on the no call list and thought they should not be able to call. but,,,, i did put in a phone # and that gives them the ok to call. from now on i will use a bogus phone # and claim i just pushed the wrong # on the keypad if anything is said about the #.
  9. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Thanks for the info Tony. Anytime a web site asks for my # I give them time & temperature's #. Also any calls I get that I don't recognize go to voice mail. I hate being bugged by those kind of calls. If its someone I know and they leave a message I'll call them back and program their # in my phone.
  10. flathead willie

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    Before you are entered in any contest, they check the number to make sure it is valid. If not, your chances of winning a free hunt are pretty slim. I'm not too crazy about Buckmasters anyway. A year ago, my daughter gave me one of their gift packages for Christmas. It consisted of a fanny pack w/shoulder straps, a video game, and a pair of knives. The knives are OK but the way the sheath is built, the knives will have it cut to pieces in no time. The video game won't work in any of my computers. The fanny pack has the noisiest zippers I've ever had on a pack, and one of them broke the first time I used it, causing me to lose a good pair of 6X50 binoculars this season. The whole thing is a piece of crap. Besides that, their magazine is not much more than advertising from cover to cover.
  11. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Been there done that and I agree. That and I dont like the show that much. I like informative shows or atleast one with some humor to it. I prefer Deer & deer hunting tv, archers choice, the choice, getting close (iffy on this one), and theres one thats all bowhunting with a male host that gets real excited but I cant remember the shows name. I also like tred barta (ya ya he's annoying but I like him anyway.) and infisherman. If I had to choose only one show to watch it'd be deer & deer hunting. half the show is a hunt and the rest is educational to make you better.
  12. 1sporticus

    1sporticus Active Member

    Dang it I wished I'd have read this post a few hours sooner. I just signed up for the free Mexico hunt giveaway. I hate stupid calls, and people using my time and energy for B.S. Well I guess I'm in for it, for a while.
    Later Andy