Do you go all out while catfishing?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Chance, May 30, 2006.

  1. Chance

    Chance New Member

    United states
    How about it people do you just throw a couple rods in the boat and some light gear and go fishing for a while while enjoying your favorite beverage .Or do you load your best equipment hit the radar ,scanner and wait patiently at the landing for your turn then blast to your spot for some hard core fishing whats your style .Mine is load my jon boat with two rods a radio small ice chest hit the launch and try to not take it to seriously enjoying the sunrise along the way .but ive got a brother by blood who runs hard and fishes harder man its like a good day at work but tiring
  2. IL Hunter

    IL Hunter New Member

    Normal, IL
    I tend tend to jsut take the basics. I don't want tons and tons of expensive electronics, and all that other stuff to worry about. Plus I can't afford it.

  3. squirtspop

    squirtspop New Member

    Glencoe, Arkansas
    Take along the thermos of coffee. Go to my lil spot. Anchor out, bait up, cast out, pour me a cup of coffee and enjoy life to the fullest. Love to watch the sun come up and hear the birds starting their little crescendo's. Maybe a turkey gobbling in the distance too.
  4. Doyle

    Doyle New Member

    I like Chuck, take my coffee and enjoy being in a calm spot. Maybe seeing a couple deer come down the water. If I catch some fish, good. I don't catch any fish, its still good. The hardest work is catching the bait or shad. I dont work at fishing. If I want to work, I'd get a job.:lol:
  5. shortshank

    shortshank New Member

    I like to load the boat...poles, bait, sodas, snacks, and make sure I've got two heavy rigg's set up. If the conditions are right for Mr. Big, I want to make sure he's welcomed properly. Other wise it's your normal "let's get ready to rumble" fishing trip. I'm hard pressed to race anywhere to get to my spot first. That usually happens at my local grocery store parking lot.
    It's a blessing to me just to get on the water, everything else is a gift.
  6. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    I am kinda hardcore.

    I usually have a mapped out plan, I have have the electronics, I have a good selection of tackle, I have a good selection of rods, and most of the bells and whistles.

    Before I started targeting big cats I just fished, and I did ok catching a few here and there. Now I am after the biggest I can get in the boat, or the most I can get in the boat in a good size range.

    Here is my theory; anyone can catch "a" big fish, but only a prepared angler can consistently catch lots of big fish.
  7. SilverCross

    SilverCross New Member

    Fairbury, Illin
    I guess half the fun to me is just being out there, it's nice to catch some fish but I would be out somewhere even if I wasn't fishing. Fishing is just an added bonus.
  8. photocat

    photocat New Member

    HOCO, Maryland
    this is one of those times where boyscouts screwed me over with their motto "be Prepared" lol there are days i just bring the essentials... but since im from shore it means more carrying then i really should be doing... I try to lessen my load as much as i can but i always bring way to much... you should see my jon boat when i head out lol its bad...
  9. borntocatfish

    borntocatfish New Member

    NW ohio
    I take all that I have its just the way I was raised
    Do it right or dont do it.
  10. MRR

    MRR New Member

    i Just Enjoy Getting Out And Relaxing. Don't Really Care If The Fish Bite Or Not,but Nice When They Do.have Been Known To Put Pole Out In Rod Holder Use Tackle Box For Pillow Kick Back And Take A Nice Nap. Figure If I Get A Bite The Pole Isn't Going Anywhere Cause Of The Holder. And If Fish Is Hooked Good It's Not Going Anywhere. Guess I'm Just A Lazy Fisherman. But I Love It Anyway.
  11. Chief

    Chief New Member

    when i bank fish i have to have my truck very close by. no more than 20-30 yards because i have so much crap. boat fishing is a different story very tiny boat, i'm not even sure if its a 12 footer.
  12. kccats

    kccats New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    Wheither I'm bank fishing or boat fishing, I tend to take it all pretty serious.
    Every time I go fishing (with the exception of having company), my mindset it that this could be the night I catch my dream fish. With that in mind, I want to make sure Ive got all my ducks in a row.

    Of course, the couple of times that I did have my dream fish on, my ducks were pretty much scattered.... and I did not get them in....

    One of these days...
  13. jlingle

    jlingle New Member

    Altus, Okl
    Weird. Never thought much about it. I have lots of bells and whistles to pick from. I've got rods & reels of nearly every shape, size, and type...... but I nearly always wind up taking the same 3 or 4 rods on every catfishing trip. Am I hardcore about it????? That's the weird part.... I have one buddy that I fish with a lot, and he and I hit it hard everytime we're together. We go all out on bait, tackle, and preparation, and really put a lot of thought into mapping out a plan. But when I go with anybody else, then I'm pretty lax about how I go about my fishing.

    Great question. I've never even thought about it.

  14. curdog

    curdog New Member

    Sheridan, Arkansas
    We Grab our poles,tackel box,coffee, cold drinks,bait,and lantern and go.
  15. samh

    samh New Member

    5 of my buddies went with me once on a night fish'n trip on a huge party barge my family used to have, we had the grill set up, ice chests full and poles in the water. One guy, who's not into fish'n, was in a reclining lawn chair with a cold beverage enjoying the night when his pole bent double. He set his drink down, sat up and landed the fish. He then baited his pole, recast it, got his drink and settled back into his recliner, he no more than got settled when his pole jumped again, he goes through the same ordeal, but this time after get'n the fish in, he takes his knife and cuts off the hook before casting his line out again, said them damn fish was messing up his fish'n trip. Turned out that those two fish were the only ones caught that night, but we did have a good time. Just goes to show it ain't all about catching fish when you go fish'n.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Here I thought I was gonna get some tips on gettin lucky! LOL!

    If I'm goin out cattin I prepare like its a major assault on a beach head. And seein how that is about 98% of my fishin trips I leave nothin to chance.
  17. steveg442

    steveg442 New Member

    I only bank fish. I usually take three poles, tackle box, chair, and a cooler. I went out recently I met up with a guy that had one pole and a cricket box. I followed his lead the next day and out fished most everyone on the lake that day. I guess the kiss method works. I heard people across the lake say "that sob has got another one". It helps to talk to other fisherman and see what their doing to catch fish.
  18. vlparrish

    vlparrish New Member

    Bedford, Kentucky
    The day I get skunked is a terrible day for me. I'm all out all the time whether in a tourney or just enjoying the water. It's just the way I am, whether I'm at work or play. If I would have liked sports I probably would have went pro, because I'm always trying to give 110%. I'm all about the catching the more and bigger the better, but at times I will stop and enjoy the beauty of nature that's around me even if for a moment. Vern
  19. timbo

    timbo New Member

    North Carolina
    Hi i just make a phone call and off we go i keep 3 rood,s & reel,s in the back of my truck ,and i take my (diet DP) and 2 packs of hot peanuts and bait
  20. dreamer34

    dreamer34 New Member

    danville virginia
    for me it's just the basics....pole bait...wife...enjoy:cool2: