Do you destroy your level winds?

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    From maintenance,clearing bird nest,line breaking,changing spools,storage or many reasons we can end up with our line misaligned between the spool and the level winding mechanism on casting and some trolling reels.Many pay it no attention and it soon looks to go away after letting your line out trolling,a few cast or small fish are caught.Yep,it is now lined up perfectly when reeled in.What happens if your next cast hits this spot?Is this your bird nest source?What if a big fish takes line and (bam!)your line hits the spot where your level wind line guide is on one side of your spool and your line is coming off of the other side of your spool?Tremendous stress on your level wind and line is what you have.If you are lucky,your line will break.If not.your level wind will destruct at the weakest point.The heavy braids many use just make the stress worse.How many know if your line and level wind are lined up through the whole spool.Level winds have a screw under the guide that can be loosened to move the guide to align with the line coming off of the spool.It may take a few tries to align them,but it can save your reel and fish.Keep your spool and level wind aligned to avoid fish loss and reel damage.I was taught and shown this as a child.I have recently found out that some have fished for years without knowing or thinking about this.I never had this worry until I became handicapped and had to use level wind reels.This is one of the reasons that heavy reels for heavy fish have no level wind.Keep your line and level wind synchronized to the spool.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    I take my line off in the front yard and reel it back in to make sure the line is in-synch with the day my neighbor asked if I was trying to fly because he saw me marching across acroos the lawn with both arms extended (i was re-leveling 2 rods at once)

    Another good way is to let all the line off the reel behind the boat and reel it back in. This also helps remove line twist...I do this on my spinning rods often.

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    More great information PeeWee.

    I had a guy show me a little trick that took the guess work out of which way the line guide would go when you put the level wind pawl back in. I used to have to fight that sometimes.

    Loosen the screw to let the pawl disengage from the level-wind worm gear just like yo suggested. Now pull enough line off the reel to get the point where the line is coming off the spool way up against the side of the spool. Slide the level wind line guide over to line up and tighten the pawl and screw. From the side of the spool both the line and level wind have to head for the other side.