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Do river flow rates affect your success?

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My fishing buddy and I have been noticing something here and have been discussing it and I have been wondering if anyone else in other areas of the country have noticed it too. Basically, we monitor the flow rates ( cubic feet per second ) at the various dams upriver from us, but particularly the one closest to us and have discovered something kind of interesting. On days we fish when the flow rates are average or below average, we seldom get any bites or very few. On days we fish and the flow rates are above average, we do much better. At least more strikes and in my book that headed in the right direction. Now I know flow rates vary by geographic location but has anyone else noticed or experienced this? I am curious if feeding activity are influenced by current flows. Any input would be appreciated.

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In my opinion, water current is one of the most important factors right behind water temp and structure. When Im on the Colorado and the water is moving at a good rate, we have much better luck. I think that the fish are looking for food coming down stream that they could ambush. Also I think that moving water provides more oxygen so the fish will concentrate there in that area for that reason also.
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