Do people realy use 200 Yards Plus of line?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by g3l33m, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. g3l33m

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    Pec, Illinois
    Newbie question. I was watching the Team Catfish videos last night, after getting skunked on the Pec again, and the owner was talking about re spooling and whatnot and I could have swore he said he had like 300 yards of line on his baitcasting reel. What would you use that for? Do people really fish 3 football fields away from themselves?


  2. fishinfreak19D

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    i have about 225 250 yds on mine,its for them long casts so i still have line to fight and for when i get snagged i can get away with not respooling for a while

  3. whisker maniac

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    if your fishing a river from the bank and you get a big fish on and he takes ya down river you'll be glad ya had that much line on your reel. Ever hear the term getting spooled?? That is when a fish runs and takes all the line off your reel.
  4. kitsinni

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    I would say for the majority of people it is overkill. Some guys do drifting with 100 yards of line out in 100' of water, that can take a lot of your line out if you get a snag. It just depends on what you fish and how you fish. Remember though fishing a 100' deep hole in a river with a lot of current and line gets used up fast.
  5. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    I always have around 300 yards on mine. But I control drift, my bait may be from 50 yards up to 200+ yards behind the boat. Allows me to bump the sinker and bait back to and under stuff you can't fish without doing it this way.
    Also in current even in a boat if a nice fish hits and you have 200 yards out line out. You had better have extra. But the time you get the trolling motor off it can be getting close to the end of the spool.
    Also some paces I anchor fish, I bump my back 200 yards. I have fished a line of barges when there tied off over a hole. Run the bait back under them and kill the fish doing this also.
  6. Catfish_Scooter

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    All i know is that i fill up my spool till it leaves about 2" before the rim.
  7. bigd4xman

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    250 yards or more of line is now the ONLY way I go on my cat rods. You won't have to respool as often due to line loss. The big thing is if you get a MONSTER flattie or blue on and he goes on a run in current, I fish up to 200 yards out in a couple lakes in order to get to the edge of the river channel or in the river channel from the bank, so I would get spooled in a hurry with less than 300 yds.
  8. Pip

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    I think it depends on the situation. I've only ever been spooled 1 time using an ultralite with 6#test years ago from the bank. No idea what it was could have been a carp or turtle or big channel. I'll never know. Now with the reels I'm using, it will take 300 yards to fill the spool. I've had to pull anchor and chase a few since I only fish from boat nowadays. But I put that much line on for casting distance and if I get snagged and have to break 30 or 40 yards off once or twice.

    if I remember right, tim Pruitt, the record holder said that blue he caught he had to pull anchor and chase that one for a 1/4 to 1/2 mile. If that would have been a bank guy, they might not have got it in. If your fishing in waters you know holds those kinds of fish, It might be best to have that much. Not alot of us have that kind of experience to say either way what would happen.

    I'd hate to get spooled by a potential world record because I only put on 150 yards. If nothing else, it is a peace of mind knowing you have the equipment to get-r-done!
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    No way Im not putting the most line on my reel I can get.You never know when you might hook the monster and if its in current you will be glad to have that xtra line.If I have a couple of hang-ups while fishing,when I get home I respool that reel....just me though.Also pulling on the line during hang-ups weakens and over stretches the line.


    I got over 300 yds of 80#braid on all my flathead rigs. I might not need it all,but there,s several good reasons why I have that much.One is because most of the reels that I consider strong enough to horse a big flat out of a snag hold that much line.Another is because I make some pretty fair distance casts and any reel casts a lot better when your only using the top 15-20% of your line.The third is because if I do get that fish of a lifetime on,I don,t plan on getting spooled.IMO-No such thing as overkill when going after big cats.My channel rigs don,t have that much on em,but then again, I don,t plan on running into any channels that could go over 70 lbs.I guess it all depends on what your planning to fish for and how.:wink:
  11. brinley45cal

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    id rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it,know what i mean?Words of wisdom right there folks lol
  12. Pacman

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    The reel cast better when full. You can fill the reel with cheap monofilament half way and then use the high dollar stuff on the top half. But on the Pee Dee if you put out 100 yards of line, you can probably forget about getting it back. Too much trash for really long casts.
  13. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    when it comes to fishing for big fish its all about having more than enough...stronger line then you really need, bigger rods, bigger reels..its all about out classing the fish with your equipment... for me when i catch a big fish its all about working the drag so the fish wares out and i can pull him in. if you dont have enough line to let the drag do its job you end up horsing the fish in. In return you end up loosing some nice trophies. JMO.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    Over 90% of the time you wont need it. But when you do you will be glad you had it. That last 20 yards of line could help you land that fish of a lifetime. I have been spooled before in slight current, had over 250 yds of 60 lb braid on, i couldn't stop the fish. Drag was all the way tight, and he just kept ripping line like it was nothing, tried to apply pressure with my thumb, but it just kept going. He was on a mission and i was standing in his way.
  15. catfisherman369

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    I spool up from 250 yards to 300 yards . Some of my line has never seen the light of day , but I am not a river fisherman . I have seen a guy a few weeks back get spooled at rend lake by a fish he xcould not turn with 80 pound line . I fish there often and figure its better to have the line on then not have it . I also fish below carlyle in the river . Plus not having a full spool can affect casting and it looks like crap not having a full reel
  16. HOPPY4

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    Waldorf MD
    I fish from shore 90% of the time and this is Carp or Cat fishing. I have reels combos set up for distance and also for close in work. On the reels that are set for close in fishing, I have 200 yd. of PP 50lb. line. The fish may indeed make a run that will require this. On the distance reels, I have 300 yd. or more depending on the line strength and diameter. All of my reels are spooled with PP other than my Float rod combo. This one is spooled with mono and is used for closer distances. I have had 1 fish that I could not turn and the hook pulled out brefore it broke the line (CARP). Having more line on than you need is a Bigger Positive than it will ever be a Negative. I use Spinning reels mostly for all Freshwater situation to Include Catfishing. When Inshore Saltwater fishing, I am more likely to use spinning gear. When Offshore, I use Baitcasters and they are filled to capacity with 100/150/200 lb. PP. Casting a Baitcaster with less than a full spool is not as import as casting a Spinning reel with the same amount. You will loose distance with the spinner and this has been proven many times over. Make up your own mind one way or the other, but the positives will outweigh the negatives!! JMHO!!

  17. GaryF

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    Mostly it's for margin of error with a big fish taking drag, but there are also times I'll drift a KatBobber 200-300 yards on a slow river, or let out a lot of line while drifting / dragging.
  18. indycatman

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    Greenwood, Indi
    i spool my reels to the ream and usally bout 225 yrds of line
  19. rcbbracing

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    Ive got prolly 275 yards of line on my baitcasters. Everytime before i go out i feel the last 20ft of line and generally there are quite a few nicks in the line so i cut it off and rerig. I dont want to respool my line every month so thats why i carry so much line...also like it was said already if you break off on a snag a long ways still will have plenty of line.
  20. CJ21

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    I use about a 120 yds of 20lb test on my baitcasters!