Do Not Second quess mother nature

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by billNpam, Aug 5, 2009.

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    The Title says it all. I thought i knew more a couple weeks ago then the old gal her self. I was sitting at home on a Saturday evening and all of a sudden I decided to go fishing for a couple of hours, I checked the weather and noticed some storms to the south of where I would be and figured all would be fine. Upon arriving the boat ramp I noticed the water was a little rough but figured the wind would die down around sunset and I knew of a little cove that I could get in that held some fish before and I would be out of the wind. So off I went got in the cove and fished for a couple of hours. Around 10 I decided that it was time to go. When I came out of the cove and the wind was wicked. I had white caps on the water and the storms had shifted and now was coming right towards where I was. I could not get above 3-5 MPH before the whole boat would come out of the water. I finally got back to the boat ramp and stood up at the same time a wave it the side of the boat. Needless to say I was swimming from them on. When I came up another wave bigger then the first slammed me next to the boat...Darn that hurt. I finally got my balance and turned my now swapped boat enough to back the trailer down beside the boat to load it and winch it up on the trailer. This trip cost me a cell phone and a transducer for the depth finder. But it all could have been avoided if I did not second guess mother nature. So Always check and weather and plan for the worse.
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    Mother Nature and Father Time are both hard taskmasters, but they teach lessons which-if we survive-stick with us the first time around. Stay safe and good fishing!!!:wink:

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    We have all made mistakes like that . Proud no one was hurt. Property can be replaced.
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    Yep.. they'll be sun when ya head out , practically lastin all day then a tstorm will be right over ya in no time.
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    I learned the hard way to now when I hear thunder see lightning or a bad cloud I am off the water until it pass