Do miracles still happen? or is it something else?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by TDawgNOk, May 3, 2006.

Are Miracles the work of God, or other forces in the Universe?

  1. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us

  2. Its them thar Aliens I tell ya

  3. Undecided

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  1. TDawgNOk

    TDawgNOk Gathering Monitor (Instigator)

    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    From Dale Earnhardt Jr wanting to thank the guy who helped pull him from a burning car, when no one was there, to the lady cured of cancer, the the little boy whose only injury after being struck by a car going 50+ mphs is a broken leg, are these the work of God, or, some other force of nature?
  2. copycat

    copycat New Member

    New Jersey
    Hey Tony, Miracles happen everyday to someone!

  3. Believer

    Believer New Member

    Greenwood, AR.
    Miracles absolutely still happen, but all too often they are dismissed as coincidence or good fortune. God is in control even when we don't understand what He's doing. :big_smile:

  4. Chief

    Chief New Member

    i've actually witnessed a few. people being healed and delivered from evil spirits
  5. Kentucky Boy

    Kentucky Boy New Member

    Anyone that doesn't think miracles still happen and God doesn't watch out for us should come over here to Iraq for a day. If you saw the way some of these trucks look getting towed back in after a firefight or explosion and the soldiers are still perfectly fine you would probably change your mind. I pray to God before every mission I go on, and thank him for every day that I come back.
  6. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Never undestimate the power of Prayer.
  7. Buddrice

    Buddrice New Member

    I feel Miracles absolutely happen and as some people say" [that is when there is only one set of foot steps in the sand.]"God works miracles every day.
  8. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    I have been a TRUE believer of GOD and Christ Jesus and even more so when I had my motorcyle accident, I had lost my right leg at the scene and broke my right arm in 2 places. I lost my leg and only have about 3 inches of it left but I still get around with a prosthetic leg very well. I should have died but I do believe that the good lord has more important thing for me to do yet.
    I thank GOD everyday !!!!!

  9. Cherokee

    Cherokee New Member

    All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us
  10. T-Bone

    T-Bone New Member

    South of Dallas
    Like Al I also had a wreck. Not near as severe as yours Brother but life changing none the less. I had been fighting with the booze for awhile and could not seem to stop drinking. I asked God for help. One day I was drinking and driving and I hit a bridge. It was like he was right there in the seat next to me. Like in slow motion, I felt I heard stop drinking now or go ahead and kill yourself. I choose to stop drinking and lived through it. It's been 19 almost 20 years and I've had Not a single drop of any kind of booze.
    God does answer prayers. I'm proof.
  11. Cyclops01

    Cyclops01 New Member

    Eden, NC.
    I'm not sure what it is exactly but, I am sure it's something else.

    In 1999, I got booted out of my job, into a medical retirement.

    In 2003, my wife's employer closed up and moved to Mexico.

    In 2004, my wife took a job in Cincinnati. We bought a house and moved here. Six months later, she was messed over in a "management reorganization" and lost almost $10,000.00 a year in a pay cut. We were forced to close out her retirement account in order to stay afloat. When that ran out, we were forced to cash out her stock options plan. When that ran out, we considered bankruptcy but were told we couldn't because we owned two - too many houses.

    My medical insurance went from $84.00 a month to $580.00 a month. Over a third of my once a month pension check.

    The scumbags renting our house in Oklahoma trashed the place then moved out. I had to put over $18,000.00 into repairs and improvements. I paid $12,600.00 to have the foundation jacked, all around the perimeter. Because the interior portion of the foundation wasn't done, it's now sagging an inch and a half. (Those folks said the work to the perimeter would take care of everything) The house has been on the market for months.

    Late last year, the company my wife was working for was bought out and, the new folks already had their management staff in place. So my wife was out of a job. But she found another job, a couple months later, in North Carolina this time. We have been apart from each other for six month now, while she has been living in corporate housing.

    In order to buy a house there, we have refinanced both houses in Ohio and got the equity out. The one house we let our daughter and family take over, so it wouldn't be very family like to give them the boot in order to sell it... right???

    So, we have enough to put down on the new house in NC., $2,000.00 to pay to owed Ohio taxes we couldn't pay last year and, I had hopes of the remainder going to a new business I was planning once I get to NC.

    Two days ago, I finally got an offer on the house in Oklahoma. Even though I paid $58,000.00 and put all that money into it, I guess getting $60,000.00 is a "REAL BLESSING" just to get out from under it.

    And then tonight, I found some time to check the day's mail. And there it was, the miracle that I have been praying for. A letter from the IRS saying I have thirty days to come up with a plan on how I'm going to pay them $12,500.00 for what they claim is a mistake on our 2004 taxes, and that includes a little over $3,000.00 in "interest and penalties". So much for the business idea...

    "Them thar aliens" seem to have a real gut busting sense of humor. I, however, have lost mine. If I were Bill By God Gates, it might be a different story. But, like a lot of people, we are doing what we can just to get by and trying to catch a little bit of a break, in order to get a little bit ahead. But something always comes along to knock us back down.

    I believe it was Robert Schuller who said, "Don't expect a miracle to happen... make miracles happen". Well Bob, if I am able to keep my attitude in check, and thereby keep it from pushing the IRS from putting me in prison, it will be the absolute last miracle I ever look for or work toward.
  12. metalman

    metalman Well-Known Member

    Hard to say one way or the other.
    This last weekend during a local high school baseball game, two teenage boys ran into each other when both of them went for the same catch in the outfield. One of them had injuries that were obvious as the end of the broken leg bone was sticking out through his skin. The other kid appeared uninjured but his parents took him to the E.R. anyway to be checked out where it was discovered he had a ruptured spleen and a lacerated liver. "are these the works of God, or, some other force of nature?"

    My first wife died a painful death at 41 years old, her body and mind completely ravaged by a malignant brain tumor and the effects of chemo and all the other drugs. Two years later I am diagnosed with a rare form of abdominal cancer which, after 3 surgeries seems to be gone (touch wood). "are these the works of God, or, some other force of nature?"

    A few years ago my mom moved into a nursing home because my dad couldn't look after her. He kept the house on, living by himself, hoping that her health would improve and she could come home. After a year by himself he realized that she would never be able to come home so he moved into the nursing home with her. 1 month later, he fell and broke his hip and died that night from a blood clot. About a year later, my mom has a stroke, falls, breaks her hip and sails through the surgery only to become a prisoner in her own bed because the stroke left her unable to walk, talk, feed or toilet herself. She lived in that state for over a year before she died. "are these the works of God, or, some other force of nature?"
    Hard to say one way or the other...W
  13. NCCatter

    NCCatter Member

    North Carolina
    The trouble with people today is they expect only good things from God. But when something bad happens, they get mad at God and don't realize why he allowed that to happen. I believe God allows bad things to happen to good people in order to make them rely on Him to help us in these troubled times. Think about it-when things are going good and you have no problems, yea you may thank God but that's all you'll do. In troubled times you seek God. That's what he wants, for you to put your trust in Him.
  14. TDawgNOk

    TDawgNOk Gathering Monitor (Instigator)

    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Good point Daniel!

    After seeing some of the responses in this thread, I was reminded of a few verses from the bible that I would like to share. *(probably cause this thread to wind up in the HI area, but oh well)*.

    The first set of verses are from Mathew 6:31-34

    These verses basically say that those people who DILIGENTLY seek God, and his plan for thier life, then he will provide the things that they NEED to survive.

    In the following Verse, Jeremiah 29:11, it reminds ua that God has a plan for each and every one of us. That plan is for good, and not for evil.

  15. wylie catter

    wylie catter Member

    South Carolina
    Miracles are real, and still happen everyday. I have no doubt about that. But God does still allow bad things to happen to people for a purpose. Many people never understand why he does this. Some of the most common reasons are to bring about conviction, or to test you. It's all for the purpose of getting you where he wants you to be. Remember God will never put more on you than you can stand.

    (The quickest way to make a man look up is to put him flat on his back)
  16. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    this mystical entity that we refer to as "God" is in control of and causes everything, the things we call good, and the things we refer to as bad. sure, there are evil people out there and a lot of evil in the world but this evil is allowed to happen. i truly beleive that there is a "divine plan" for mankind, what it is i dont know, but everything from you cutting your finger on a sheet of paper this morning to the 911 attacks were pre-determined and allowed to happen by this force and is all a part of the big "scheme of things". was the attack on Pearl Harbor a bad thing? if it wasnt for that incident our entrance into ww2 would have no doubt been delayed until the Germans and Japanese were on our coasts's, and no doubt by then Hitler woulda had atomic weapons. that was a miracle and a blessing even though lots of folks died. i used to drink whiskey, preferably Jack Daniels, really heavy until i had a drunken accident in 1998 which caused me to have knee surgery. from that point on i very seldomly took a sip. later in 2001 i re-injured that knee and it caused me to go on a diet and lose an extreme amount of weight which totaly changed my life. during that time i also went on a spiritual quest which led me to beleive in this "divine being". now, was my initial accident a bad thing? do i wish i would have done differently? the answer is NO! i cosider both incidents Blessings and Miracles. things like this are "stumbling blocks" to cause us to change directions, go another path in life, or change our way of thinking. my answer is yes, Miracles do happen!
  17. catfishjohn

    catfishjohn New Member

    Greenup Co. KY
    I definitely believe in God and miracles.Back in 2000 I was driving like a maniac and lost control of my car.I hit a ditch and ended up flipping it 7 or 8 times,and peeled the roof of it all the way back.(it was a geo storm),I was able to walk away from the car to a friends house and waited on the EMS.When the police got there(the first cop was a good frd of mine)he was freaking out when he seen the car,as he knew whose it was.He didn't think there was any way I could have survived.The EMS came up to me and tried to get the bleeding under control-I had came a quarter inch from severing my jugular vein.They put a c-collar on me and took me to the hospital.Cat-scan,MRI and x-rays revealed I had a compression fx of c-6.My Dr. told me that a fraction of an inch either way and I could have been paralyzed or worse dead!The gash on my neck or the broken neck should have killed me,but I believe that God had his hand on me!!!I am now disabled due to the neck injury and even more back injuries but I am alive!I thank God every day for letting me live,so I know for a fact miracles do happen!Plus,I can still fish,not as much as I want but I still am able to do it!
  18. Arkie55

    Arkie55 New Member

    Very interesing post and a great question. Like almost all have said, I too believe in God and Miracles. Miracles do happen every day. God does have a plan for mankind and that plan is clearly outlined and described in the Bible. As the old saying goes, "I've read the book and I know how it ends." Another way of saying, I know who wins!!!! Yes God does allow bad things to happen to good people. Why? That question has already been answered. So we will call on his name and ask for his help.
  19. olefin

    olefin New Member

    I strongly believe in prayer.

    But have you read this?
  20. Chief

    Chief New Member

    bads things happen when we care to much about ourselves and not the lord. also satan has his hand in a lot of it too. after all his soul purpose is to try and kill us.