Do flathead catfish hit like small bullhead catfish all the time?

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    I really have'nt caught all that many flathead catfish in my life, so I'm no expert, but the ones that I have caught, and the ones my buddies have caught, have all hit like small bullheads,even the 40lber my brother-in-law caught hit like that, hell, I've even caught ones I did'nt even know they were on the end of my line until I started to reel them in.
    Is this what I have to look forward to all of the time when targeting these fish. I've heard that they hit like frieghttrains and frankly I have'nt seen it yet.:confused2::eek:oooh:

    P.S. I've posted this same thread in other spots, but now I want to hear what my California brothers have to say!!
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    don't know about indi or cali :eek:oooh: but here in ohio they'll take your rod from you!! any ones i caught have faught all the way to the net!! shane

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    I believe that it may have something to do with wether or not the flat is roaming or just getting a snack to eat and then sitting. I experienced both screaming runs and quite settle runs. In situations when my bait was close to cover I had settle runs because the flat is going not far to get to its homing area. Therefore he sits there and settle and does not move far giving the settle run. In cases where the bait was not near cover but cover. was not that far like maybe two car lengths away I had my drag screaming with the flat trying to race for that cover. Sometimes even racing up river or canal and then vice versa down river or canal. It is my theory that those flats that do that traveled a little distace and is racing back to its homing ground or resting area to settle down and digest its food contents until it is ready to roam again for its next meal.
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    Most of the flats I caught have hit like a train or just sit there with it until you go to reel your line in then boom.