Do Catfish have seasonal patterns?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Pacman, Nov 23, 2007.

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    I've read that stripers have seasonal patterns like a certain part of the year they school in deep water at certain times of the day, another part of the year they move upstream to shallower water, etc.

    Do catfish have predictable behavior patterns that change with the seasons or time of day?

    If the catfish were on line, I'd ask them myself. But they'd probably lie anyway. So what have you noticed?
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    sure they do. flathead move up river to spawn in the spring months and move to deep water in the fall to winter. there is patterns to all species of catfish and alot of it has to do with bait patterns at certain times of the year. blues tend to follow the bait at all times of the year to me. all kinds of things to help pattern where the fish are at but its the catching part that gives me trouble.:wink: really i think the seasonal movement patterns you are refferring to is the key to catching big fish out of your local waters. timing that big bite and being there waiting on it will pay off for you. takes alot of patience though but can be rewarding for trophy size fish.

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    I dont know but cant wait for the info to start pouring in since I am trying to learn about patterns and behaviors. Thanks for thinking of this thread.
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    Channel catfish have seasonal patterns. I like to separate them into 6 phases.

    • Pre-Spawn: After the ice melts and water temps start to fish, channels head towards their spawning areas. After winter. catfish are feeding heavily in preparation for spawning.
    • Spawn: Catfish have a preferred temperature range for spawning, which for channel cats is around 75 degrees or higher. Spawn usually occurs between June and early August in Ohio.
    • Post Spawn: After the spawn, channel cats start to move towards their summer playgrounds. Water temps are usually in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s.
    • Summer: Channels have moved into their summer hangouts. Water temps have usually reached the mid 80’s or higher.
    • Fall: As water temps start to drop, catfish will start to move to areas where they will spend the winter. The cooler weather often brings on heavy feeding so fish can prepare for winter.
    • Winter: As the water temps continue to drop, catfish will be in or near winter areas. Warmer water is usually found there as well as baitfish to sustain the catfish throughout the winter.
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    "....Thanks for thinking of this thread......"

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