do carolina rigs work in the ocean?

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 6, 2006.

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    well i am going to the ocean this year with my dad up in hilton head island, south carolina. since the waves and under current are fairly strong over there i was wondering if the carolina rig worked or if it just gets tossed around? :004:

  2. Gator

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    I use them all the time in saltwater they work great.

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    Tides and currents.You have two high tides and two low tides in a 24 hour day.The direction of the current changes with the tide.At slack tides,the current normaly slows down and stops.Halfway in between the highs and lows,the current is normaly the fasted.Also the high and low levels change EVERY DAY due to the moon.Wind direction,speed and storms also affect it.It is sort of like fishing a river that would go between its high and low water levels and change its direction four times a day.It will work at times and places.At times you could need some real heavy gear to handle the weights that you would need in a crosscurrent or swift and deep water with a hard bottom.I should have asked if you have fished over there before.You may allready know all of this,and all about fishing there.If you have not,let everyone know.There has to be some more that have fished that area.I am 60 and I have fished all my life,but I would sure ask you about your area,how and what you fish for,if I was comming there to fish.I live 50 miles from Hilton Head.I fished and shrimped the area for 20+ years.I have not fished there in 20 years.Most good fishermen I have known,check out everything they can in their home waters before going fishing.Luck.peewee-williams.
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    Yes, carolina rig work great! I use it when I am bottom fishing with live bait, for ling cod or halibut! I also use a rock cod rig (3 hooks with colored yarn tied on), which are very easy to make and the 3way swivil with weight on bottom!

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    I use spider weights with four stainless wires coming out to anchor my live whiting and piggy perch in the surf. The homemade wire leader has 5-6' for the fish to kick around once set in the sand. Carolina rigs works great for me casting in the guts between sandbars with fish bites artificial bait or dead shrimp for catching the whiting and piggies we paddle out for bull redfish and sharks.