DNR lakes?

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  1. harper81

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    Summerville, SC
    I went up to Lake Ashwood, which is a little dinky DNR lake. My first time there last year my buddy caught a chain pickerel which I have never seen or heard of till that day. Then yesterday I caught a bowfin which I have never seen in person. So do they just stick random fish in these lakes to see if they can survive? Or is there a method to the madness? Didn't get any channels, which is what I was after.
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    Last year me and a buddy went to Lake Warren in Hampton County. We went to bass fish and ended up catching catfish. We caught 4, all on rubber worms. We figured out we were fishing for the wrong thing. We will probably try it again but we will be armed with chicken livers instead of rubber worms. You have to watch out for the gators though.

  3. Bill in SC

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    We have DNR Lake Paul Wallace here in Bennettsville. It was stocked with blues way back. I don't fish it much but did catch a 30# and a 22# blue in there. They're in there!
    BB in SC