DNR enforcement reports: Stupid Human Tricks!!!

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    These are from the Michigan DNR website, but I figured Id share em cause theyre so funny. here is the link. Ill post more every so often.


    CO Steve Speigl assisted with the investigation of a vehicle breaking through the ice on Little Bay DeNoc. The owners of the truck had attempted to move their ice shack with an ORV. When the ORV broke partially through the ice, they figured they could pull both the ORV and the ice shack out with their truck. The idea didn't work, and the truck went completely through the ice.

    CO Steven Birk investigated a deer hunting incident from the firearm deer season; the hunter shot himself in the lower leg with buckshot. Investigation shows the 20-year old hunter did not take a hunter safety class. He was attempting to climb up into a tree blind and tied a rope through the trigger guard. The firearm was loaded and the safety was off. Upon pulling the gun up into the tree, the rope slid hitting the trigger and the shotgun went off. Enforcement action was taken.

    A couple of coyote/bobcat hunters that CO Steve Converse made contact with in Wexford County during the group patrol advised CO Converse that they were about to make a call to report a plane for hunter harassment. When CO Converse pulled up, the hunters said to CO Converse, "I suppose that plane is one of yours."

    CO Dave Rodgers checked a subject ice fishing on a Kent County lake that had written on his tip-ups "God bless the DNR" instead of his address information as required by law. As it turned out, the subject placed too many "blessings" on the ice and was in possession of Marijuana. Enforcement action was taken.

    CO Chris Holmes was working snowmobile activity near a road crossing when he observed nine snowmobiles fail to stop for the stop sign and speed across the roadway. CO Holmes made contact with the operators at the next street crossing. Several tickets were issued for unregistered snowmobiles and verbal warnings were given to all nine riders for excessive speed and for failing to stop at the road crossing. One of the riders was very vocal to CO Holmes about how they should just be left alone and be allowed to ride as fast as they wanted. Ten minutes later, CO Holmes responded to a snowmobile personal injury accident. As it turned out, the "vocal" rider was involved in the accident and had broken his leg.

    CO Dave Painter and Sgt. Tim Robson conducted some pre-fishing derby work on a local lake this past weekend. The night before the derby, the officers drilled holes next to ice shanties and swept underneath the shanty with a homemade device. Six set lines from five different shanties were located. Additional violations encountered included marijuana use and fishing without licenses. The following morning, all the set line violators were ticketed at their shanties with the exception of one person who decided to go home to wait for the arrival of the DNR after realizing his line had been cut.

    CO Steve Speigl ticketed a subject for possession of an undersized pike. The pike measured 20 ½ inches. When asked, the subject said he thought the size limit was 21 inches. Not only was his guess on the size limit wrong, but he didn't even make that length.

    Apparently smoking marijuana made two anglers on Twinwood Lake forget that an ice shanty is not a soundproof booth. The anglers were engaged in a conversation discussing the benefits of smoking the "herb" when CO Mike Wells was standing outside the shanty. Warrants are being sought for possession of marijuana.

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    Those are good!!! LOL

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    Yes this is funny,but also because of stupid people doing this stuff law abiding citizens are being made to pay the price. It's funny but it's aggravating also.Just my two cents worth!----------pk powell:crazy:
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    Ok some more for today...

    COs Andrea Erratt and Richard Stowe patrolled Burt Lake and issued tickets for unlicensed ORVs. CO Erratt brushed the snow off the back of an ORV to check the license and found a deer license with ORV printed on it with a black marker stuck to the machine. CO Erratt seized the deer license and issued a ticket for failing to license an ORV. The ticket will cost a lot more than an ORV license would have.

    While conducting a minnow dealer inspection, CO Jason Koscierzynski found one business was selling minnows without a license. As CO Koscierzynski was advising the business owner that he was in violation for selling minnows without a license, a customer walked in and asked for a dozen minnows. The shop owner grabbed a styrofoam bucket and began filling it with minnows for the customer. CO Koscierzynski reminded the shop owner that he may want to stop filling the bucket and that he could not sell minnows until he obtained a valid license. A ticket was issued for selling minnows without a minnow dealer's license.

    COs Steve Speigl and Reid Roeske stopped a 91-year old individual who was driving southbound in a northbound lane. The driver did not know he was doing anything wrong. The man's son requested that the officers pursue the driver re-evaluation process.

    CO Troy Mueller encountered an angler with 33 pan fish on the ice around his fishing hole. The angler stated that he had caught all 33 but that only 25 of them counted toward his limit. His reasoning was that since he had not yet put the fish into a container he could decide which ones counted and which ones didn't.

    CO Jeff Rabbers and Sgt. Bob VerBerkmoes attempted to stop three ORVs that were operating on a county road. Two of the machines fled while the third was unable to continue as it attempted to go an embankment which could not be climbed. When asked why he was not wearing a helmet, he responded that he had just gotten a new earring and didn't want to hurt his ear trying to put a helmet on. The 14 year-old provided the identity of the two other operators with the owner of the machines receiving numerous warnings and a ticket for allowing the unsupervised operation of the ORVs.

    CO Dave Painter responded to a complaint of a dead moose. He met with Wildlife Division personnel and the complainant and they all snow-shoed into the site only to find that the dead moose was actually a dead horse. The investigation into where the horse came from continues. (Note from Sal: You gotta know the UP to really appreciate the finer nuances of this one)

    CO Chris Bowen and a township police officer responded to a complaint of a man with a gun walking along a road. CO Bowen arrived first on the scene and made contact with a 16-year old who had a soft pellet gun from which the orange tip of the barrel was broken off. CO Bowen told the youngster that without the orange tip, people were mistaking the firearm for a rifle and were concerned about foul play. CO Bowen contacted the youth's parents and gave them the same information and explained the potential seriousness of the situation. Unfortunately, the parents did not feel it was serious as they were dealing with a toy and thought the incident was funny.

    CO Dan Lee made contact with three subjects fishing on the bank of the Flint River. The anglers told him that they had caught a couple of suckers. CO Lee then asked to look in their large cooler and although it was full of suckers, when he put his hand under all the suckers he found an eight pound walleye at the bottom. A ticket was issued for taking walleye out of season.

    CO Brad Dohm checked an 18-year old angler along a river in Gratiot County. The angler didn't have any fish but did have nine beers, some marijuana, and prescription painkillers. The case was sent to the prosecutor office.

    CO Peter Purdy marked a large pile of trash for litter initiative clean up that had been dumped at Pointe Mouillee State Game Area. After looking through the bags and boxes, he found a church address and the name of the pastor. CO Purdy interviewed the pastor who told him that a member of the church had been paid to take the trash to the local landfill. When the church member was contacted, he told CO Purdy the he went to the dump but there was a long line of trucks there so he dumped the trash at the game area. CO Purdy issued him a ticket for littering in the game area and he volunteered to clean up the trash.

    While checking anglers on the Grand River, CO Troy Bahlau made contact with two canoeists who had no personal flotation devices (PFDs) onboard. One of the subjects argued that they didn't need PFDs because they were experienced canoeists. While canoeing to shore to receive their ticket, the canoeists rammed into a tree and began taking on water. No one was hurt, but the canoeists did understand the need for PFDs and accepted their ticket graciously

    COs Ken Lowell and Kyle Publiski assisted Commercial Fish Specialist (CFS) John Morey and CFS John Casto with the removal of 1300 feet of gillnet found set in the area of Les Cheneaux which had been closed by the 2000 Consent Decree. Pike, perch, herring, and menominee were the species found in the net. The netter was identified and prosecution will be pursued in the Tribal Court.

    CO Jair Kollasch responded to a complaint in Wexford County regarding a subject who had driven away on an ORV without paying for gasoline at a gas station in Mesick. An attendant from the gas station had followed the subject to several businesses in Mesick while on a cell phone with Wexford County dispatch. CO Kollasch made contact with the subject at one of the local grocery stores and was assisted by MSP. After a lengthy interview and investigation, it was determined that the subject had stolen the ORV from a local residence and had also broken into a local cabin where he had stolen food and slept. The subject was taken into custody and lodged in the Wexford County jail. Charges are pending.

    CO Jim Espinoza was checking a closed Mason County stream where steelhead are known to spawn, when he observed a vehicle parked nearby. A subject was located along the creek with a pitchfork in hand and looking into the river. Officer Espinoza saw two other subjects flee the area as he made contact with the subject with the pitchfork. It was later discovered that the other two subjects also had pitchforks. The person first sighted stated that they had come to look for mushrooms and just happened to find three pitchforks while they were walking around. Enforcement action was taken.

    CO Robert Mills encountered a group of subjects who were fishing in the middle of the night on Van Etten Creek in Iosco County. He was able to sneak to the spot where they were stashing fish and confirmed that they were walleye. CO Warren MacNeill was called in to assist and once in place, they contacted all four subjects. Eighteen walleye totaling over 50 lb were recovered. Two of the four subjects had been previously ticketed for both salmon and walleye violations

    COs Dan Lee, Jeremy Payne, and Sgt. Ron Kimmerly watched a group of anglers after dark. Sgt. Kimmerly hid directly across the river and watched the group as they threw beer cans, bags, and night crawler containers into the river and in the woods. Shortly thereafter, the angler's lanterns were turned off but they continued to fish. After a number of fish were caught, three of the anglers went up to a car while two stood below the hill. Both had a five gallon bucket in hand. The car then drove up and down the road and then returned. The vehicle's headlights flashed on and off. The two anglers with the buckets jumped into the car and COs Lee and Payne stopped the car. One bucket was full of suckers and the other full of walleye. Tickets were issued for possession of walleye during closed season.

    COs Jeremy Payne, Dan Bigger, and Sgt. Ron Kimmerly worked their way to a bridge on the Maple River where approximately 25 anglers stood on the narrow bridge. Dip nets were being pulled upon a signal that was given every 10 minutes. In between, COs observed the following; walleye and catfish were hidden in the woods, beer cans were thrown into the river and onto the bridge, marijuana was smoked, a bicycle was thrown into the river, a subject "mooned" vehicles as they passed, while others jumped out at moving cars. The subjects then began throwing suckers at moving vehicles. After the third sucker hit a moving vehicle and just before the fourth was going to be thrown, Sgt. Kimmerly ended the covert observation due to the obvious safety issues at 2:15 a.m. Five nets were removed to defuse the situation. A report will be sent to the prosecutor's office for warrant authorization. (note from sal: THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I AVOID THE MAPLE DURING THE SUCKER RUN)

    CO Gerald Thayer received a call from an elderly woman who stated she had been fighting with a raccoon in her kitchen for the past three days and needed help. CO Thayer responded to her home and using a catch pole, finally got the raccoon out of her kitchen cupboards. She was so grateful for his help she tried to pay him for his effort; however, CO Thayer gently explained to her that no payment was needed, he was glad to resolve her problem.

    CO Brian Lebel was working the White River in Oceana County late one night when he came upon two subjects spearing walleye. The subjects were shining the water with head lamps. When CO Lebel arrested the men, they had nine fish weighing a total of 72 lb. CO Lebel had arrested one of the subjects two years earlier who had been in possession of 52 lb of illegally caught walleye.

    CO Jeff Rabbers was patrolling a closed trout stream when he contacted a subject fishing. CO Rabbers asked the angler what he was fishing for and he said that he was fishing for pike and that he really loved pike. CO Rabbers explained to the subject that not only was he fishing for pike during the closed season, but that he was also fishing a closed trout stream. A ticket was issued.

    CO Andrea Erratt was ticketing an angler for fishing without a license when he stated, "That's O.K., I'll pay the $75. I had to do the same thing last year too."

    CO Justin Vanderlinde observed two subjects dressed in full camo driving very slowly on back roads. Their windows were down and as CO Vanderlinde approached the vehicle he could see the passenger attempt to unload and case his firearm. When asked if they were road hunting, the driver responded by saying, "not really" and claimed that they drove around and when they spotted a turkey they would park their vehicle and sneak back to call the gobbler in. CO Vanderlinde asked to see his calls. He stated they didn't have any calls and that he used his mouth. The CO said that he had not heard a good mouth call in a long time and asked for a demonstration. The hunter hesitated for a few moments and then said, "Gobble, gobble, gobble, you got me." Enforcement action was taken.

    CO Mike Daniel responded to a RAP complaint of a subject shooting at geese. A juvenile was contacted and interviewed after finding a dead goose at his residence. The juvenile explained that he was really trying to shoot the goose that had a green collar on it because he had heard that it was worth $2,000.00 on E-bay.

    That will have to do for today folks.

    Ill get more later.

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    A few more still.........

    CO Trey Luce checked two adults and two children fishing along the banks of Hickey Creek in Alger County. The adults did not have licenses but received warnings as CO Luce did not want to leave the kids with a negative impression of law enforcement. As he was leaving, one of the kids said to his dad, "You dropped something." CO Luce looked and saw that dad had tossed a marijuana pipe on the ground. This time action was taken.

    COs Jay Person and Larn Strawn made contact with two anglers who were taking walleye at 9:00 pm, three hours before the opener. The two anglers told the COs that they were expecting them but hoped they were wrong. Tickets were issued.

    COs Kenneth Lowell and Kyle Publiski assisted Wildlife Division with the transport and release of a trapped nuisance bear. While trying to get a good look at the bruin, CO Lowell conducted an up-close "test" of the strength and integrity of the front screen on the trap. Fortunately, it held. (Note from Sal... Is this copspeak for enticing the bear to attck through the cage?)

    CO Steve Converse observed a small cub bear (born this winter) cross the road in front of his patrol vehicle in Manistee County. A few moments later a large bobcat crossed the road and entered the ditch where the cub had disappeared. CO Converse drove up to the area of the ditch and observed the bobcat near the cub; the bobcat ran off thus saving the cub from certain demise. Hopefully the sow bear and cub were reunited.

    CO Mike Daniel observed four high school students driving into the game area with a load of wood. Earlier in the week some students had moved rocks and built a fire pit with them. Later, they had used a tractor and cut the fields for a parking lot. Four large piles of wood had been delivered to the area and benches placed around the fire ring. All four subjects admitted to creating a party site for senior skip day. Enforcement action was taken.

    COs Lacelle Rabon, Jason Koscierzynski, and Sgt. Arthur Green III responded to a complaint of a group of anglers who were transferring coolers of fish from their boat to a parked vehicle near a restaurant on the Detroit River. The complainant was able to identify the make and color of the boat. The officers observed the boat and the loading and unloading of walleye into coolers and the subsequent transfers to vehicles. The vehicles were stopped and a total of 91 walleye were located in coolers in the three vehicles involved. All five subjects were issued tickets for possessing an overlimit of walleye. Reimbursement for the value of the overlimit of game fish will be sought which will total approximately $1,200.

    COs Ken Lowell and Kyle Publiski were preparing to launch their patrol boat on Munuscong Bay when they observed a boat launching with an expired registration. They contacted the subject to discourage him from launching and explained that they could not just stand by idly and let him commit a violation. The gentleman left with the boat after excoriating them for ruining his fishing trip. The officers launched their patrol boat and slowly worked their way to the other side of the bay after many checks. And near the other launch site they contacted the same subject fishing from his boat with the expired registration. The angler humbly accepted his ticket.

    CO Dave Painter was standing behind a father of a young girl as the father was taking a picture of her freshly caught pike on a remote Iron County lake. The father then put the fish into a bag as the young girl asked how big the fish had to be to keep it. The father responded he did not know and when the girl told him to ask the DNR he told her that she would get a ticket for the undersized fish. The man almost swallowed his cigarette when the girl told him that the DNR was right behind him. The fish was measured and was actually of legal size and the father was advised he should probably set a better example for his daughter on following the rules.

    CO Richard Nickols checked fishing activity at Orchard Lake and recognized a boat on the lake. CO Nickols stopped the boat and asked the operator how many fish he had. His response was "a few." This was the same response the officer received last year when he issued the same individual a ticket for 50 bluegills over his limit. CO Nickols handed the angler a bucket and asked him to start counting. After counting a total of 68 fish, CO Nickols wrote the angler a ticket for taking 43 bluegill over his limit. This ticket came exactly one year to the day from the previous ticket and within 15 minutes of the same time.
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    your first name
    Those were great Sal, keep em coming.
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    Maybe that COPS TV show needs to do an "outdoorsman" episode. It sounds like there is plenty of material to work with.
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    CO Dave Painter was standing behind a father of a young girl as the father was taking a picture of her freshly caught pike on a remote Iron County lake. The father then put the fish into a bag as the young girl asked how big the fish had to be to keep it. The father responded he did not know and when the girl told him to ask the DNR he told her that she would get a ticket for the undersized fish. The man almost swallowed his cigarette when the girl told him that the DNR was right behind him. The fish was measured and was actually of legal size and the father was advised he should probably set a better example for his daughter on following the rules.

    The look on Dads Face...................... Priceless.

    Good ones Sal as usual
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    thats some funny stuff man
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    I graduated high school with people who have become CO.s and they will stop and check me and shoot the bull from time to time. I saw one friend at a pier writing tickets. He stoped by my boat later and I asked him what the tickets were for. He told me he saw the 2 guys sink a pop can and a beer can. I asked what the fine was for that and he said 50$ apiece. I sure hope those guys like those expensive drinks!
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    Thanks for some interesting reading. keep it coming.