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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by rushryder, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Ok I bought my first pint of Dk. I was fired up. All the stuff I read about it I was gonna tear them up. Went out to the river with shad, Dk, and turkey liver. Long story short me and my buddy caught 12 cats. 10 on liver 2 on shad and not a bite on DK. I was fishing in the river in the current. Maybe thats not the place to be using it??? I think its a good bait but I need some suggestions on where and how to use it. Any info would help. Thanks guys.
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    I tried it in a lake the first time and had no luck. going jugging this weekend and I'll try it in a creek. I'll let ya know how it does.

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    i have used DK in rivers and lakes just make sure you are using a #4 treble hook and dont sling it very hard when you throw it. I didnt have any luck the first night i used it either but just give ti time cause when they do bite you better be ready.
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    I take a lil ball of DK and form it on my trebble like a dough ball. I then tie a piece of thread around it a few times. This helps it to stay on the hook so you can fling it out. I catch fish on it all the time. The 3 fish in my avatar were all caught on DK's. Tyr it agin brother.
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    As always, that's fishing for you. I take a lot of different baits and I've seen a lot of times when the fish want one particular bait... usually it the one that I don't have.... That said, I have gotten bites w/ DK when nothing else is working. You need to check DK every 15 minutes or so if you are in a river because of the current. Also remember that the DK may also bring them upstream to your other baits as well. One question, were you liver rods downstream of the DK? Who knows? Looks like you had fun.