DK/Catfish call. Weekend Trial and Error =)

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    Well as promised my weekend report on my success. Friday wasn't 2 bad of a day. The DK worked pretty good it was off and on all day so I alternated between it and Chicken liver, worked pretty good me and grandpa caught 26 that day. The catfish call, basically chum in a bag really didn't work all that well. It attracted baby blues that did nothing but eat our bait. They where more of a pain then anything lol.

    Saturday wasn't bad either. We used nothing but chicken liver this day and caught 27 so for two day's of fishing I would say that is pretty good.:big_smile: I did meet a person on the Conroe lake who where reelin them in along with his buddy. They where using something called primo, or preemo blood bait. They would soak it in cotton and put it on, it was working like a champ along with milo chum. He did say to use the cotton from a pillow it holds the blood alot better then normal cotton balls.

    My father-inlaw has his own little recipe he said works pretty good. He takes his chicken liver cuts it up into good size chunks then mix it with strawberry bananna jello mix in the originall container let it sit over night in the fridge take it out and your good to go. How effective it is I have no clue I will find out tom lol.

    I did all my fishing in Lake conroe this weekend instead of lake livingston.
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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Jason, sounds like y'all had loads of fun. Were you catching blues or channels? Oh yeah, when is supper?


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    Wow 50 fish in two days sounds like a greattime. I am glad to hear more dgood reports coming in from all over.
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    When I say i have heard alot of tricks to the trade but soaking pillowcotton in blood and using it for bait,who'd a thunk it?? Not me but by dandy it just might work! Beats anything I ever heard!------------pk powell:big_smile:
  5. Zelenakjason

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    Well a Majority of them where blues. We had a few channels.

    That liver with the strawberry bannana jello mix worked pretty good for my father-inlaw. He out fished me and grandpa. Today was a total of 30.
    so for my grand total of 83 cat's for 3 day's of fishing. I don't know how you would rate that but I enjoyed every minute of it and got a great farmers tan to.. lol.
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    Boy Jason I would have to say thats a GOOD 3 days. Congratulations sir.! Thanks for the post. J.D.
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    East Texas
    Howdy Jason,
    Where where you fishing on Conroe?
    We have been hitting them under the bridge but abit shy of you numbers.
    We use Chickin livers and Shrimp also Minnows have been working very well on the north end if you can get to a spot thats not dryed up.
    Where did you say you where?:lol:
    Any way good job
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    Jey jason congrats on the catch,with numbers like that it had to be fun.