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    Original post made by JPB for DJ Lawrence(Bro Catfish) on September 15, 2002

    for the bank fisherpersons here are some pics of a bank rod holder that one of our members BRO CATFISH cooked up and put together,we'll have to get him to type a how to for them.
    HERE'S DJ'S ROD POD good for cats n carp




    last pic is parts that are'nt glued disassembled for transport,can be used with or without the leg elevators.

    This portion was seperately posted by DJ Lawrence on 18 Sep, 2002

    Well to be honest I got the Idea from the euro carp anglers
    There rod pods start around $160. and they do work well
    I started thinking about it and I belive it works well for my frist and true love Catfishing !
    Heres how they work they keep you rod parallel
    with the ground if you want and can be adjusted to point the tip into the air aswell
    this way the your bait clicker or free spool can peel off with your rod making the ever feard leap for the water
    also and my most liked feature is the rod is pointed towards the water so the hook set is faster and eaiser because there is less line out

    So heres what I did
    I used 1/2 inch but 3/4 will work too
    I bought 1 8ft peice of thge 1/2 pvc pipe
    8 elbows 6 Ts then you will have to use the pitcures thats posted to figure out how you want to make yours
    But i do like it and there so cheap and easy to build and modify anyone can make one
    Tight lines DJ