Dixon 7/9 Nightfishing

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    Lake Dixon opened up night fishing last week on Thurs/Fri nights only. My fishing buddy and i decided to hit it up last night.

    Hit the lake by 5:30pm, on the water and in "our spot" by 6:00. At first the action was super slow, not even a nibble, we did see other people catching a random catfish here and there so we camped our spot in hopes that when the sun finally went down the action would pick up.

    Best idea ever! We caught 11 fish in 3 hours. Had plenty of action, my buddy kept missing hooksets, and i gave him a hard time about the hooks he was using, once he changed out to a baitholder or circle hook he had no problems. All the fish were in the 2-6lb class. I tossed one smaller 1lber back.

    Macks and nightcrawlers are 50/50 either way a cats gonna eat them both. I recommend the mack. There is A LOT of veg growth in Dixon right now so we have been flylining or using a really small 1/8oz sliding sinker. Sometimes the fish will tangle you up in the weeds real good, so good line is a must! I personally have been using 15lb Phantom Red Spectra Power Pro Braid, and medium action uglysticks. I have a 7ft 1pc Medium/Hvy, and a 6ft 2pc Medium. Sometimes i also swap in my berkely tactix rod, i usually use it for jigging, it's got a gnarly action, and i have 10lb spiderwire spooled up on it. I love this rod and hope i never break it, i have caught Trout, Catfish, Bullheads, a Turtle, Bluegill, and Crappie on it. If you can get your hands on it and want to wrestle fish with a light pole, this is the one imo. I guess my opinion could be onesided, i did pick mine up at wal-mart miss priced for $7.00. It's a $50 rod lol. Screw you wal-mart!

    Anyways Dixon is on FIRE right now. If you have any questions on what spots to hit just PM me.

    BTW pier caught "free" macks are the best kind. The cats know the difference between store bought and ones you caught yourself! Alright i am just kidding, but i like to think they like my bait better cause i acquired it myself. hehehe
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    Nice report brother:wink:

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    Thanks for the report.
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    "Nice Work Ben & A Great Report As Well. :0a23: