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Diversion Dam,Upper Salt report

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Went there last night with my dad and uncle! Took live and cut bluegill and worms!Lotsa action with channels and flats up to 7 lbs! Carp thick enough to walk on. Around 3 am i caught a carp and cut it up,that netted the best action.I hooked into the biggest fish i ever felt but it snagged me up in a submerged branch at the base of the dam and broke me off. Met a guy named Jason there,he has been fishing the area for the last 4 weekends,says these are the first flats he has seen caught out of there this year,they are on the move!Jason will be a member of the BOC soon!!! Really cool dude!:Happy:
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Sounds like a fun night fishing, too bad about losing the big one.Oh well maybe you will get it next time.
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