Diversion Canal Tactics

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    I love to fish the diversion canal...I hear reports of huge catfish (such as the state record flatties) all the time. I am a veteran catfisherman of the Santee Cooper area, but all of my big cats come from the Santee and Cooper rivers. I know they are in the canal, and I catch quite a few from there (up to 40 lbs) However, I'd like to know how to consistantly catch heavyweights (over 40lbs at least).
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    Kyle, I don't think there's a consistent way to just catch heavyweights. We know that to consistenly catch flatheads, live bait should be used. But I've caught 40lb+ flatheads on live small white perch and 10lbs flatheads on 1/2 pound bream. In general though, the bigger the livebait, the bigger potential flathead. And I personally am a big fan of using live bream vs. shad/herring/perch.