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    I was wondering if anyone has held a police/fire dispatching job? I have been doing some job searching and I am thinking about applying for a dispatcher postion.

  2. A good friend of the family is a good dispatcher back in my hometown and I often watched her at work while we visited. If you don't find someone who held that job just ask me about anything and i can do my best to answer most quesitons.

    As far as I know a good knowledge of radio procedures and ten-codes is a great start. You gotta be able to handle prisoners too with a certian level of professionalism also. My friend always had to do stuf like give mediaitons and such to the prisoners. Also handling the idiots that often grace a jail are often in need of a power figure to keep them in check. Thinking at a fast pace is needed because situations can change like lightning while dispatching. A lof ot the job is just legal procedures to maintain order, but having the same personality as a policeman helps a lot when doing this job.

    let me know what else you need to know and I can give more advice.

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    Dispatching now is done mostly in a 911 center off from the jails unless you are from a small town. In dispatching you have to be able to maintain your cool at all times. You have to be able to think out side the box. You will go thru training and follow up training every year after that. It is a odd hours job and very little thanks because when something goes wrong you are the first on the line. Every thing coming into the 911 center is recorded and you have to stay on your toes for that. The stress is almost comparable to air traffic controllers. When you have 33 traffic going on you have to keep up with every thing at once and I am talking some times 5 to 6 cars rattling their heads off tell every thing that is going on to protect their tails. Been there and done that. I work in law enforcement and have on occasions set in for dispatchers for one reason or another.
    My daughter worked for them for 3 years and she got a call one night about a serious wreck ie (A 1046 wreck with injuries) and she ran the tag to inform the officer if he should ask and it turned out to be her mother and I involved . She didn't loose it but came darn close. This is just some of the stuff it gets crazy at times but at times it is rewarding to.
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    One of my friends runs a 911 department. The key as stated before is to be calm. It can be very HI STRESS. The pay is not bad and the training is not real hard. If you don't like working nights this job is not for you.
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    i work for a couple fire depts and ambulance districts. my wife has been a dispatcher at a couple of the places. my sister is a 911 dispatcher. several of my freinds are also. most places use computer aided dispatching which makes it a lot easier than it used to be. all the info you need is brought up in front of you and prompts walk you through it. the hardest part is learning how to use the law enforcement system for running liscence plates i have been told.
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    When I was on the Police Department in the 70's uniform officers were dispatchers and we rotated through the radio room.It was interesting, but everytime a hot call came in we were jumping to get out in it.
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    i have known a number of dispatchers, but that is another story.

    do you plan on staying there or will you move? out my way we are always looking for people that are quailfied.
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    When I worked EMS we alternated a shift once per month as a dispather. It was ok I wouldn't want to do it full time but others loved it. The experience was worth it for me.