Discovery Channels "Dirtyiest Jobs" 5/9/06 @ 11PM

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    As of right now (11:18pm) the show is on Noodling for cats. I just witnessed them kill 3 flatheads. They hung them up while alive & cut their tails off to bleed them. The guys had tats of Flatheads on their shoulders, made me think at 1st they were true Flathunters, but soon realized they were hunters alright, meathunters only. Now I am a CPR but dont have a prob w/ people eating what they catch these folks though were not impressing me, it's hard to decsrive it I guess. Is/did anyone else watch the show? I turned it off after a few minutes. The 3 flats they had they said were 1 30# & 20 20#'s but to me the smallest one looked to be about 12#'s.
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    I seen that one a while back.Did you see the tat the one guy had?It was similar to bluecatnut's tat,a big ole flattie with an arm in its mouth.I'm with you,they should have CPR'ed those cats.

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    Too many people think they have to keep and kill everything they catch.

    I took a young kid fishing the other day. He caught a catfish, maybe 2 pounds and wanted to keep it. I asked him why, and he said so he could show his friends. I asked him what he was going to do with it after that and he said bury it in the yard.

    The next several minutes were spent explaining to him how the ecosystem works and how we don't need to take anything we can't use. Since I knew he wanted to catch a really big fish one day I asked him how he expected to catch a big fish if everyone kept the small ones. I am sure most of it was over his head, but we let the fish go. I started this with my daughter at a young age and she has a good understanding about fishing and hunting, but not everyone is exposed to it at an early age.

    Luckily trophy fish are rare and very hard to catch. The casual fisherman is most likely to keep a trophy fish because it will likely be the largest fish they ever catch, but I don't think these people have the potential to impact the population as much as the serious trophy hunters. Most people who casually fish for catfish will never catch a fish over 20 pounds even in waters where they exist, so it is up to the serious fishermen like us to be good stewards of the gift God has given us.