Dirty Hands

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by MRR, Oct 24, 2006.

Dirty Hands

  1. Dirt

  2. Pine Tar

  3. Illeagal subtance

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  1. MRR

    MRR New Member

    How many of you really believe that it was only dirt on Ridgers hand Sun night in the first inning. Lets hear everyones opinion on it. We may as well voice ours everyone else has. If it an illeagal substance then he should of been taking out of the game and a hefty fine.What do you all think? just curious.
  2. dreamcatcher

    dreamcatcher New Member

    He had something on his hand other than dirt. There may have been some dirt there, but something else was present too. After he washed it off it didn't change the way he pitched, so from a performance standpoint he was still mowing them down. However, I believe he did break the rules unless dirt has an oily sheen to it...

  3. squirtspop

    squirtspop New Member

    Glencoe, Arkansas
    I'm with Victor on this one. Dirt doesn't shine
  4. loanwizard

    loanwizard Well-Known Member

    It was pine tar. If it was only dirt he could have wiped it off on his pants and gone on. Plain old dirt doesn't leave residue either. You could still see where the substance had been even after being washed off.
    That said, the arrogant ba$$ turd pitched a brilliant game. As a Cards fan, he should be disqualified and the game forfeited by the Tigers. As a Baseball fan it distresses me that it wasn't investigated immediately for fear of what else might come of the matter for both teams. It also tarnishes the career of a 41 year old pitcher.
  5. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    agree, dirt aint shiney and if you wash it off its off not stained unless your skin is made of cloth.
    he still pitched good because he still had that crap on his hand ,hat and behind his ear.
    sure he is a good pitcher , but hes a bad cheat.
    if you gotta cheat ,be discreet.
    that was pretty stupid if you think about it , a world series game and you have that stuff on your body in the cameras eye for the world to see????

    well it didnt matter in the end cause the old phrase still rings true ...
    cheaters never win and winners never cheat !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wishiwasfishin

    wishiwasfishin New Member

    sure did look kind of sticky to me. lol. it may have had dirt in it.