dipbait worm?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by tomcat85, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. tomcat85

    tomcat85 New Member

    i cant find one anywhere. how do you use them? can you make one yourself?
  2. jailcop2

    jailcop2 New Member

    Try a Wal-Mart Or K-Mart they usually have the worms and dip bait ,all ya do is dip the worm completly into the bait , there should be a good amount of bait left on the worm. If your bait is to thick ,mix in some vegetable oil , if to thin let it cool in the water or ad flower or some cat tails , the bait should be paste like . After you dip the worm , let it rest in the water for a few seconds to solidify on the worm before you cast. If you and when you need to rebait dry the worm first or the bait won't stick to the worm very well .

  3. Cattoo

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    i would try catfish connection. they have a lot of different ones. they also have the looper rigs which alot of people swear by. to me they are okay but they dont hold the bait in heavy current like a plain old piece of surgical tube. you can by sections of tube from cc and use whatever hooks you want. i like that better because most hooks that they come packaged with are either too large or they have trebles, which i dont like because they are a pain to get out of a cats lips!