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Dip Bait

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Original post made by Jim Meyer(Jnjmeyer) on September 20, 2002

Receipe for Dip Bait..(enuf for a summer). Temperature must be above 80 degrees and sunny.

12# Hog Brains.
20# Cheese (Colby, Chedder or Jack) grated.
2 Qts Shad (Ground or finely chopped with a
blender), but not too fine. In other words, no
chunks but not pureed either.

Now you need a 5 gal plastic bucket with lid and two foot square piece of cheese cloth. A green or colored bucket works best (collects more heat than a white one. If you don't use a brick as noted below, you must drill holes (1/8inch) in the lid or it will blow up.

1)Put Brains in the bucket and mash.
2)Lay cheese cloth over bucket and LAY lid over cheese cloth, place weight (brick) on the lid and place in a sunny location.
3)Let simmer for 3 days.
4)Grate and add cheese.
5)Add the 2 qts of shad prepared as above.
6)Replace cheese cloth, lid and brick.
7)Place in sunny location.

Stir every day with paint stirer on drill (very
slowly...(lol) or by hand.

Maggots will die in about two weeks.

When it stops rising (in about 2 1/2 weeks) it's ready to use.

Thicken with Cattail fuzz if necessary.

Do try to locate this mixture as far away from your house as possible. Maybe next to the neighbor you don't like. Maybe your mother-in-law would brew this for you. All kidding aside it smells to high heaven...beware, I'm not fooling.

Money back guaranteed.

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