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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Catfish1, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Hey I heard someone on the old site saying that they mixed Premo's Super sticky with Hog Wild Blood Dip bait. I was wanting to how Exactly do yall do it. Because I order some looper rigs today and I want to get me a mix of dip bait for this weekened.
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    i mixed some of the hog wild original with the blood dip bait the container it comes in is usually only half full of the bait so it is perfect to add the other kind of bait on the top of it and then just take a strong stick(trust me you dont wanna dig your fingers in the mix lol) and mix the bait up until it turns a pink color or if you are using the premo it will be a lighter brown color. i tried using the mixed hog wild at the pond this morning and got quite a few bites so im sure it will work if they are in the mood for it lol good luck and have fun with em! i had more luck at the pond with dough bait this morning though, i was using the crawfish and chicken blood kind but i'll be trying the others later today hopefully.
    just trying to help!