Dip bait worms with 3/0 Sickle hooks.

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by ShilohRed, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. ShilohRed

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    We now have our Dip bait worms with the Matzuo Octpous Sickle hooks listed on
    http://www.wildwolfproducts.com/dipbaitwormallcolors.htm These have been tested for CPR guys. There great that you can set the hook. This keeps the fish from swallowing them as bad as the treble hooks.
    These have the Black 3/0 Sickle hooks in them. 30 lb line is snelled to the hook. Then the tag end of the line is left for you to tie on as you please.
    WE have these in Black and Red only. May add the other colors later.
    Hurry as we have a limited amount of these right now. And we have 50 of them that were ordered before we received them.
    Thanks to everyone that has been supporting wild wolf products and the BOC.
  2. Crucial

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    I'm glad to see more products with out treble hooks. Archaic and detrimental to our fisheries, I think trebles should be omitted by all fishermen that are even mildly concerned with conservation.

    I"ll miss a dozen fish, as opposed to ripping the throat out of just one. It just makes good sense to me.